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Our Values

With a passion for delivering results, our work is driven by a deep commitment to upholding our five core values.

If you like things that fit neatly into a box, if you like things to follow a blueprint, if you like to enter each day as you did the previous day, Terakeet is not the place for you… If you like to be entrepreneurial and creative, if you welcome change and want to grow, then Terakeet is the place for you.

Shannon Reedy, Vice President of Account Management

Where You’ll Fit

Account Services

With teamwork at our core, we apply strategic plans, technical solutions, and creative ideas to help our customers achieve their goals.


In anticipation of the needs of our customers, our team, and the market we design, build, and iterate cutting-edge products that keep us at the forefront of the industry.


Whether it’s through IT, Finance, HR, Recruiting or Operations, we create and maintain the standards and infrastructure that keep our company running smoothly.

Sales & Marketing

We’re strong communicators, working with current and prospective customers to understand their challenges and exceed their expectations.

How We Stack Up


An inside look at life as an employee. Join us as we build a community of awesome people.

Instagram post 17870500754372259 In May's #WorkplaceWisdom feature, Outreach Manager Capri Tamilia shares how she organizes her week, why she loves Syracuse, and the piece of advice she gives every new team member. Read more in our latest blog feature! (Link in bio) #WeAreTerakeet
Instagram post 18110834626218358 We're excited to announce Terakeet is one of Inc's Best Workplaces of 2021! 🏆 This award celebrates company culture and relies on employee feedback. This is especially meaningful to us after a year spent with a fully remote workforce. Thank you to our entire team for helping to make Terakeet an award-winning #workplace! #WeAreTerakeet
Instagram post 17885315924297388 At Terakeet, we're all about empowerment. It's ingrained in our core value of entrepreneurship, but it also lives on in our day-to-day culture. For this #TeammateTuesday, Gina Decicco (Digital Content Specialist) recognized Lisa Dolbear (Digital Content Manager) as a paragon of empowerment:

"Lisa is the bomb. She is truly invested in me, my goals, and my success. She's given me the opportunities I needed to grow in confidence and level up my skills across the board. I am so glad she joined the team."

Thanks, Lisa! We're lucky to have you.

Instagram post 17873340992393540 Start your week off strong with some Monday #motivation! 💪 Digital Content Manager Ryan Day shared with us the quote that helps him power through a busy schedule. What's your favorite quote? 

Instagram post 17897318797991642 We caught up with Emily Clemens (Sr. Digital Content Specialist) for May's #HumansofTerakeet feature.

She shared insights about parenting (it is possible to turn Drake songs into lullabies), birdwatching, and even running her own Etsy shop. Read our latest blog to learn more! (Link in bio) #WeAreTerakeet
Instagram post 17992855036339940 We're #hiring! Terakeet is looking for a talented SEO Analyst to join our Sales & Marketing teams. Responsibilities include:
- Keyword research
- Market research and analysis
- Proposal development support

Think you'd be a good fit? Click the link in our bio to learn more and submit an application today!
Instagram post 17877312746268390 Members of our TeraDog Slack channel, like Digital Content Manager (and dog mom to Oskar) Ashley Timms, regularly share photos of their midday breaks with their four-legged best friends 🐕.

"Working remotely at Terakeet means I get to hang out with my dog more. There's nothing like a few belly scratches between meetings to keep you relaxed," says Ashley.

Read more about TeraDog, its worthy adversary TeraCat, and our other Slack channels at the link in our bio!

Instagram post 17888903552129225 Terakeet is proud to be a collaborative workplace, full of knowledge-sharing opportunities and cross-department collaboration. Read more reviews like this from employees on our Glassdoor page (link in bio) #WeAreTerakeet
Instagram post 17912282620677226 Sr. Vice President of Product Innovation Andres Echenique amps up his workday focus and creativity with guitar-driven music.

"Nothing helps me focus more than guitars in all their glory. A daily dose of guitar fuels my creativity and cranks up my problem-solving output."

Check out Andres's playlist on our Spotify channel (link in bio). Happy listening! 🎸 #WeAreTerakeet
Instagram post 18120690916204295 Many 'Keeters use our flexible time benefit to develop personal passions, including our more eco-conscious team members. From selling second-hand clothing to hiking and camping, our employees are regularly looking for ways to show Mother Nature some love.

Read our latest 'Keeters Sound Off blog post to see how our team is using their free time to make a positive impact on the Earth! (Link in bio). #WeAreTerakeet
Instagram post 17969768914376277 🔔 #Hiring alert! 🔔 We are growing and looking for talented individuals to join our team as Digital Marketing Specialists!

Curious about the position? Kelly Knight (Digital Marketing Specialist) had this to say about the role: "It gives me the unique opportunity to work creatively with my team, and continue learning and growing my skillset with additional educational opportunities!"

Click the link in our bio to learn more about the role or find your fit among our other openings. #WeAreTerakeet
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