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Our Values

With a passion for delivering results, our work is driven by a deep commitment to upholding our five core values.

If you like things that fit neatly into a box, if you like things to follow a blueprint, if you like to enter each day as you did the previous day, Terakeet is not the place for you… If you like to be entrepreneurial and creative, if you welcome change and want to grow, then Terakeet is the place for you.

Shannon Reedy, Vice President of Account Management

Where You’ll Fit

Account Services

With teamwork at our core, we apply strategic plans, technical solutions, and creative ideas to help our customers achieve their goals.


In anticipation of the needs of our customers, our team, and the market we design, build, and iterate cutting-edge products that keep us at the forefront of the industry.


Whether it’s through IT, Finance, HR, Recruiting or Operations, we create and maintain the standards and infrastructure that keep our company running smoothly.

Sales & Marketing

We’re strong communicators, working with current and prospective customers to understand their challenges and exceed their expectations.

How We Stack Up


An inside look at life as an employee. Join us as we build a community of awesome people.

Instagram post 17955301066373973 Many people believe that what goes around, comes around. Jordan Wilkinson (SEO Analyst) is one such person. Learn more about her helpful mantra in this week's Mugshot Monday:⠀
"I actually never use this mug for coffee because I have a caffeine itch that this tiny mug can't scratch. It does, however, display my favorite saying, which I repeat to myself approximately 100 times per week!" #weareterakeet
Instagram post 17926687054455039 Terakeet is proud to be a collaborative place of work, full of knowledge-sharing opportunities and synergetic teamwork. Read more about what it’s like to work at Terakeet on our Glassdoor page (link is in our bio)! #weareterakeet💚
Instagram post 17874957722004031 Say it louder for the people in the back 🗣️ This Mugshot Monday is brought to you by Keli Wolf (Digital Marketing Specialist). Read on for her advice on starting your week and staying productive:

“I always start my day by lighting a candle at my desk and pouring myself a BIG cup of coffee. By committing to at least 1 hour of silence as working and starting my day, it always helps me ease into the week in a relaxing, stress-free way!” #weareterakeet💚
Instagram post 17857401896318875 Knowledge sharing is an essential resource at Terakeet, which is why we ask our employees to share their best workplace wisdom each month.  Check out this month’s feature, Krispin Dolbear (Manager of Front-End Development and Design), for his advice on working at Terakeet, top tools for getting things done, and tips for unwinding after a long workday on our blog (link is in our bio)! #weareterakeet💚
Instagram post 17896769995634131 Terakeet demonstrates a team-oriented culture that values strong workplace relationships. For many employees, Terakeet is more than just a place of work— it’s a family! Read more reviews like this from employees on our Glassdoor page (link in bio) #weareterakeet💚
Instagram post 17960063632360626 Our ’Keeters love to explore - whether it’s the current organic search landscape or the newest local hot spot, they’re always down to try something new! See what Ryan Hurlburt (SEO Manager) has to say about his latest journey in this week’s #mugshotmonday:

“One of my favorite things about moving back to Rochester is seeing all the new places that have opened since I’ve been gone. @matildacoffeehouse recently opened in the Neighborhood of the Arts and I love grabbing a cup of coffee, then walking across the street to the Memorial Art Gallery to look at all of the outdoor sculptures.” #WeAreTerakeet 💚
Instagram post 17925302254454976 Our 'Keeters have passions that lead them to all sorts of places — even the baseball diamond! ⚾️ See how Lindsay Moran (Sr. Digital Content Specialist) balances her love of baseball with her career at Terakeet:⠀
"I love watching and talking about baseball, and I'm a huge fan of the @mets. I started writing about baseball last year with a fan site called @metsmerizedonline. Baseball reporting also improves the quality of work I deliver at Terakeet, as I'm continually refining my craft as a writer and editor." #WeAreTerakeet 💚
Instagram post 18130324180142949 Applications for Terakeet's Digital Marketing Apprenticeship program are open now! Learn more and apply by Monday, November 9th at the link in our bio.
Instagram post 18170179288002466 Terakeet isn't a destination, it's a state of mind. This week, we spoke with a few remote employees to hear more about life at Terakeet - from a distance. Read the full remote city roundup interview at the link in our bio. #WeAreTerakeet 💚⠀
Brittney Lee, Sr. Account Manager
Instagram post 17932308433430854 Terakeet is excited to announce the launch of our brand-new Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Program for Syracuse locals. This 12-month program includes full benefits and is designed to nurture local talent and remove common barriers to entry that keep many people in the community from entering traditional technical and marketing spaces.⠀
Applications are being taken until November 9th! Click the link in our bio for more details about the program and to apply.⠀
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