Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are creating a Terakeet for every kind of future.

A Terakeet where everyone feels like they belong. Follow along with us as we strive towards progress and do our small part to make technology a truly equitable industry.

Employee Resource Groups

Terakeet is a company made up of truly remarkable and dedicated individuals. As we took a top-down approach to diversifying our company, many team members expressed their interest in being part of the solution. Together, they created a growing number of grassroots, internal identity groups that meet up to discuss progress, address inequities at the employee-level, and to keep everyone accountable to our stated goals and initiatives. In addition, these groups have designated spaces in our inter-office communication platforms where they can connect whenever they want.

LGBTQ+ ’Keeters

BIPOC ’Keeters

Our Mission

Our business goals are tied to a larger mission: to be equitable throughout our organization. This mission is woven into the DNA of who we are as a company.

Cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce is a top priority for Terakeet. We recognize that the unique perspectives and experiences of a diverse workforce lead to a more dynamic and innovative team culture that allows our people to expand their capabilities and grow their careers.

Lynn Fraas, Chief People Officer

Community + Partnerships

While we have long-held ties to programs and mutual aid efforts in the city of Syracuse, we realized that we would like to expand this effort and develop new partnerships. Here are some exciting organizations we have teamed up with at local and national levels.


An inside look at life as an employee. Join us as we build a community of awesome people.

Media brands wield significant influence over what consumers think and do. 

  That's why brands need to consider whether they're effectively engaging with these voices or allowing them to control industry narratives.

Click the link in our bio to listen in as Digital Marketing Analyst Jonas Sickler shares insights on why shaping consumer behavior means understanding who's leading conversations on @voicesofsearch.
How does our team effectively execute our OAO strategies? One way is our radical commitment to cross-functional collaboration.

One content manager shared how she works hand-in-hand with our Technical SEO team to build the most impactful client strategies.

“The extensive keyword bank that tech put together, in addition to the keyword research that myself and my co-content manager regularly execute, helps ensure that we’re bringing solid ideas to the team to meet our collective target goals.” — Content Manager

Our teams collaborate across disciplines using our proprietary technology to achieve superior outcomes, driving better quality performance and skill development. We can do this thanks largely in part to the opportunity to learn from AND the ability to work collectively with each other.

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Authentic connections are like having a friend who totally gets you. 

There's no pressure to be something that you're not – it's about understanding, empathizing, and truly connecting. It's about solving your problems and making life a bit easier. 

That's why reception marketing is so impactful — it creates authentic connections between consumers and brands.  Click the link in our bio to discover how to start building genuine connections that drive brand success today 

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When a Fortune 500 brand sought to enhance its online presence, we didn't just focus on reaching the masses — we prioritized aligning strategy across all channels to efficiently reach the right audience at the right moment with the perfect message.

Through our advanced proprietary technology, we unearthed real-time data insights to craft a seamless consumer-brand experience. Our approach helped improve online market share by nearly 4x in six months.

Discover how strategic alignment can transform your digital presence.

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Our BIPOC ERG, in partnership with our broader organization, sponsors an annual scholarship for the members of the BIPOC community.

We're proud to announce that we've named our first-ever recipient of the 2023 BIPOC-ERG Scholarship, a trailblazer in her field! The recipient is pursuing her Masters of Health Administration. 

With a background in tech and experience founding a queer ERG, she embodies a commitment to community and education. Join us in celebrating her journey of empowerment and education. 

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Forge relationships that go beyond the surface. Like a perfect match, authentic connections understand your audience's needs and deliver value that speaks to the heart. 💑 Explore the magic of authentic brand-to-consumer connections. 
Click the link in our bio for more.

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"True fans” are diehard consumers who will support any new product from a brand. They symbolize that a brand has put in the work to deeply understand consumer needs and build a long-term, trusting connection with its audience.

Share the love and comment below – what brands truly resonate with you?
🔍💡 Uncover why Google is not just a search engine but the world's most honest focus group:

💬 Users expressing vulnerability & honesty with their queries
💡 Data that reveals consumers' real-time, ever-evolving needs
📊 Crystal clear reporting -- no approximations here!

Now, envision the game-changing power your brand can seize from this always-on focus group, providing insights across billions of searches! 🚀

Ready to unlock the secrets? Click the link in our bio to explore more.

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Join us at @Millennium_Alliance The Millennium Alliance #CMOAssembly in Austin, Feb 7-8. 

President Mark Kennedy will be leading a roundtable on how to leverage consumer insights and owned brand content to revolutionize your marketing strategy. 


Join Mark, as well as Enterprise Partner Kyle Bome and Terakeet Advisor Dave Minifie at the roundtable. Chief Risk & Compliance Officer Ralph Torrillo will also be in attendance. 
Don't miss out! 🌐✨
To achieve real impact, we don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Instead, we craft a customized strategy for each customer — one based on consumer data, market opportunity, and our team’s expertise.

For our employees, it’s an exciting opportunity to dive into different industries and distinctive strategies throughout their careers at Terakeet.

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🏆 Exciting News! 🏆 

Our award-winning team at Terakeet is thrilled to share recent industry recognition! 🌟 Explore our innovative strategies, from SEO success, employee benefit programs, and the introduction of Owned Asset Optimization (OAO). 
🚀 Learn more about our achievements and the dedicated teams behind them at the link in our bio.
From market projections to consumer interests, discover how @GMFinancial is revolutionizing the EV buying journey and how OAO can help them 'drive' even greater impact 
Click the link in our bio to read more!
🏆 We are proud to be recognized as one of Built In's Best Places To Work in 2024! 

@BuiltIn's award names Terakeet as one of the top remote employers across the US, and we want to thank our outstanding team for making this happen. Your commitment to excellence is what sets us apart. 

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Unlock the key to consumer needs that go beyond basic expectations.

🔍 Explore how consumer behavior insights drive brands to genuinely comprehend and address individual needs, creating authentic connections that resonate. Click the link in our bio to learn more.
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