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James Perreault

Terakeet has built a culture where everyone is a stakeholder. Everyone can help influence the company whether you've been here for ten years or ten minutes.

James Perreault, Senior Software Engineer (Remote)


An inside look at life as an employee. Join us as we build a community of awesome people.

Instagram post 17920460920442772 Sometimes, our 'Keeters take their cups to go! ☕️💚 Check out how Katie Heaton (Sr. Digital Outreach Specialist, Team Lead) fuels up for her #MugshotMonday: ⠀
"When we initially started working from home, I loved ordering coffee from my favorite cafes to support local businesses and get that same coffee-break feeling like I would in the office. Since businesses have started to reopen, it's been great to stop in to my favorite locations for an afternoon pick me up!"
Instagram post 18024653524280698 Racheal Morrow (Digital Outreach Specialist) has been keeping her creative skills strong outside of her work at Terakeet by pursuing her passion for photography and videography through her business, The Bixby Collective (@thebixbyco). Here's what Racheal had to say about how her creative work has shaped her experience at Terakeet. #WeAreTerakeet 💚⠀
"My hobby helps to shape life as a 'Keeter by reminding me to look at things differently and to step back to take a look at the bigger picture. Having a hobby or skill to practice outside of work is also kind of like a form of meditation or therapy– it helps to clear your mind and get you motivated for the workday!"
Instagram post 17871454582889739 Yesterday, some of our employees attended an awesome virtual event where Terakeet was named the 5th best medium company to work for in New York! 🥳 This award is special because it is determined largely by employee feedback. Thank you to our 'Keeters for recognizing the culture we've built at Terakeet, and thank you to The Rochester Business Journal, @bestcompaniesgp and The NYS Society for Human Resource Management (NYS-SHRM) for honoring us for the third consecutive year. #WeAreTerakeet 💚
Instagram post 17973749371308702 Terakeet virtually connected with Danelle Sims (Digital Outreach Specialist) for this month's #HumansofTerakeet feature. We discussed her passion for photography, drawing, and even her obsession with home decor. Along with reading the latest life-advice books, she's into activities that keep her energy high and creative juices flowing! Read the latest blog to find out more! (link in bio) #WeAreTerakeet 💚⠀
Instagram post 18156089737030042 Attorney, @nytimes contributor, community advocate – is there anything Virgie Townsend (Sr. Digital Content Specialist) can't do? Can't wait to see your skills in action as part of the Terakeet team! #WeAreTerakeet 💚
Instagram post 17881854157727660 Our Director of Human Resources, Jennifer Thornton, weighs in on what has kept her at Terakeet for six years (and counting)! She credits our people, the excitement that comes with the evolution of the company, and our unique benefits. Read more on our Careers Blog (link in bio). #WeAreTerakeet 💚
Instagram post 17845292150287236 New Hire Alert: Randy Dargenio joins the Tera-team as SEO Director! Randy has been in SEO for over two decades. He originally hails from Billerica, MA and he loves the New England Patriots. If he could travel anywhere it would be to Italy to do all the fun touristy things he can! #weareterakeet 💚
Instagram post 17852509475148799 "I’ve been an educator for over a decade now, so when the opportunity arose to apply my teaching skills at Terakeet, it was a no-brainer for me." Nick Friedman (Digital Content Training Manager)

We are happy to announce the addition of our newest position at Terakeet — Training Managers! For more information on our latest team developments, head to our careers blog! (link in bio) #weareterakeet💚
Instagram post 17906502181471857 Mike Gibson (Sr. Digital Outreach Specialist) has been writing, recording and performing with local bands like The Action! (@theactionband), The Amazing Shakes (@theamazingshakes), and Against The Giants (@againstthegiants) for years now, all while also releasing his own solo albums. Here's what he said about how his passion for songwriting influences his work at Terakeet! #WeAreTerakeet 💚 👇⁣
"My band life and my Terakeet life actually require some of the same skills. Effective communication between co-workers, connecting on a set of shared goals, ensuring everyone's voice is heard, and dealing with drunk people who try to steal the microphone -oh wait that one's just band life. If these ideals weren't being upheld in my band, I'd probably quit. Fortunately, I never have to worry about that at Terakeet!"⁣
Instagram post 17904847780481671 "I’m very proud of the people and benefits philosophies employed at Terakeet, as I’ve been fortunate to have been involved — along with countless others — in shaping them." - Jennifer Thornton, Director of Human Resources⁣
All successful companies want to attract and retain the best talent–at Terakeet, it's a top priority. To that end, we asked Jennifer what's kept her at Terakeet for 6+ years. Read more of her thoughts in our latest blog post (link in bio) #WeAreTerakeet 💚⁣
Instagram post 17882159446674846 Happy #Teraversary to our warm weather ‘Keeters, including Co-Founders Mac Cummings and Pat Danial. So grateful for the expertise this mega-class brings every day! #WeAreTerakeet 💚
Instagram post 17945071924367192 Mondays can be tough — it's a good thing most of our 'Keeters start the work week out strong and bold ☕️⁣
Check out how Morgan Statt (Sr. Sales Analyst) keeps her days going: "My day typically starts at 5 am, and it's in these early morning hours that I make time for myself before the workday begins. I enjoy my first cup of coffee as fuel for a morning workout, and I'll either read or listen to the handful of podcasts I have in rotation." Happy Monday, everyone! #WeAreTerakeet #MugshotMonday 💚
Instagram post 18154946338018693 New Hire Alert: Saj Hoffman-Hussain joins the Tera-team as Sr. Digital Content Strategist! Saj is based out Rochester, but hails from Birmingham, England, where he worked as a radio reporter and TV producer for BBC News. If he could meet anyone, it would be JRR Tolkien - so he could ask why Lord of the Rings is over 1500 pages long (honestly, same). #WeAreTerakeet
Instagram post 17923050136421037 This morning, we found out that Terakeet was named in the top 5 of the 2020 Best Workplaces in New York by @gptw_us and @fortunemag. Thank you to our employees! #WeAreTerakeet #BestWorkplaces #GPTWCertified⁣
Check out the full list at the link in our bio. 💚⁣
Instagram post 17875673059749722 We got together with Ron Cierniakoski (Operations Manager) for this month's #WorkplaceWisdom feature. We talked about the Syracuse art scene, the importance of meditation, his favorite workplace tools, and more.
Read our latest Careers blog (link in bio) to hear more insights from Ron and past Workplace Wisdom participants! #WeAreTerakeet 💚
Instagram post 18143607625064430 Terakeet virtually connected with Shannon Reedy (Vice President of Account Management) for this month’s #HumansofTerakeet feature. ⁣
We talked about her passion for yoga, mom life, and her current obsessions. *Hint: @BreneBrown’s podcast and @Spotify both made the cut.* Click the link in our bio to read more. 👉 #WeAreTerakeet 💚⁣
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