In Their Words: Why Terakeet

Samantha Lewis

Editor’s Note:

Purpose, impact, and belonging are some of the most important ideals job seekers consider when making employment decisions. That’s why we’ve worked to make these values the heart of Terakeet’s work culture.

We recently caught up with a few employees to hear their perspectives about the organization. Check out what our team had to say about how working at Terakeet fulfills them.

What impact do you drive through your work at Terakeet? 

“My work at Terakeet is largely focused on reputation management. This means I am directly involved with helping our clients achieve ownership over their digital narrative, empowering them to create and cultivate their desired legacies. As a storyteller, this is something I find particularly fulfilling — I love working alongside both brands and individuals, helping them dig in to identify that which they want to be known and remembered for, and humanizing them along the way through authentic content.” — Emilee J., Content Manager

“I am in a unique position with one of my accounts. We are one of the few teams using an agile framework. So we are not just business partners with my client; they see me as another one of their teammates because of how integrated I am in their workflow. In my experience, our dynamic goes beyond that of normal client relationships. It’s led to an incredible amount of trust. This relationship-building and partnership has put us in a position to share efficiencies and has given us the runway to prove how valuable our insights are.” — Elizabeth W., Project Director

“I work on our largest customer, and as the SOW (scope of work) grows and the contract value increases, I make sure that we continue to provide enough value to them. I am always thinking customer-first — what’s the value from the impact and revenue standpoint?

“We have such a large team made up of the best and the smartest people in their fields, and not only are they executing the items we need them to accomplish, they are always coming up with new ideas. As the voice of the customer, I help to prioritize what things we can do now [and] figure out who needs to be in the room for new ideas to be brought to life, while getting things done within our resources. It’s a delicate balance of protecting the bottom line and continuing to empower the team to keep coming to the table with ideas to grow the account.

“We may not always be able to explore or execute on them at that point, but provide enough information as to why that’s the case so they feel like they are heard and valued when they come forward with ideas.” — Anja G-D, Client Success Director

Anja, Client Success Director headshot
Anja G-D, Client Success Director

“I mentioned an idea about doing a UX workshop to my director and she told me to run with it. It’s a relatively new discipline at the organization, so there’s an opportunity to do some cross-functional training. I put together a BYOD (bring your own device) workshop where people could answer questions on their phones, and from there, I could facilitate a Q&A session. Now we have a baseline we can track and measure against as we work to share interdisciplinary information. In my short time here, I’ve already been able to solve problems creatively and innovatively.” — Rashida P., UX Design Lead

“We really get to push the agenda on informing our clients’ potential consumers during their online journey, so they can make the best financial decisions for themselves. We work with our client’s dev teams to ensure that their website is meeting the needs of search engines and helping to match the consumers’ questions with poignant answers.
“Tech SEO can’t be done in a vacuum. At Terakeet, you look around your team and there are all kinds of digital marketing teams within one account team, working together. We all have to come to a consensus together that is best for the client. I enjoy figuring out how each field intertwines. Tech SEO is more concerned with Google’s experience of a site, UX is more concerned with the person’s experience, and together the two are the perfect marriage.” — Caleb M., Tech SEO Lead

What do you find most rewarding in your role at Terakeet?

“At the end of the day, I love the work. As a content strategist, I love helping clients formulate and share their desired narratives and, as a people manager, I love helping others in their professional development.

“Something that’s particularly rewarding and unique about working at Terakeet is being able to go online and physically point to the impact of your contributions. I’ve done SEO work at other organizations and know firsthand how difficult it is to drive the results we achieve here. It’s impressive how easy the Terakeet team makes it look.” — Emilee J.

“One of the exciting strategic aspects of my position is getting the client on board with different projects, then getting them live and seeing the results. Watching the idea on paper come to life is very satisfying — to face these challenges and know that I have a hand in it every step of the way.

“Sometimes I feel like we can be in a little bit of an account bubble — 90% of my meetings are with my client delivery team. If you are a delivery-focused PM, your life will be that client. But we [the project team] are very close, we still find time to meet regularly each week and talk and collaborate.” — Elizabeth W.

Elizabeth, Project Director Headshot
Elizabeth W., Project Director

“What’s most rewarding about my role at Terakeet is knowing the impact I drive for both the client and the organization. My predecessors did a great job establishing a lay of the land with this account. While Terakeet has and leverages a toolkit across teams to ensure success, we often find ourselves creating new blueprints to add to the suite. We love to challenge the status quo — what worked last year might not work this year.

“We keep ourselves open to challenge infrastructure that might not be ideal. We ask ourselves, ‘What do WE need to be successful? What relationships do we need to work on to succeed?’ As we work to continue unlocking things with OAO [owned asset optimization], I enjoy the chance to rise to the occasion and bring our client the best results we know we can deliver.” — Anja G-D

“Running your own company is hard. I like how working at Terakeet allows me to focus on my competency and not be distracted or consumed by the other responsibilities involved in running a business. I’m bashful to admit that I didn’t know much about SEO before coming here. Once I realized the value SEO expertise played into the user experience, I realized I needed to study up. For me, it’s all about self-determination and initiative. Here, I’m exposed to more of what other people are interested in, and it’s opened up the importance of the other side (SEO), which improves my craft.” — Rashida P.

Rashida, UX Design Lead headshot
Rashida P., UX Design Lead

“What is most rewarding in my role at Terakeet is the challenge that comes with being a Tech SEO Lead here. Things are always changing and new problems are always on the horizon. You always have to shift based on client questions, and no two days are the same. Where is the day going to take me? Takes out the mundane. I really enjoy pushing the limits to figure out what is best for the client, your team, and the analysts too.” — Caleb M.

What attracted you to Terakeet? 

“I first heard about Terakeet while I was working on my master’s degree at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. A professor I held in high esteem mentioned it being a company worth keeping an eye on.

“Skip ahead five years and I was working for an employer who was calling employees back to the office at the tail end of the pandemic. At that point, I had had my taste of freedom — I knew I could never go back to working in a traditional office. I started looking for remote positions and came across the Terakeet job board. I had never considered myself a marketer (I’ll always be a PR and journalism girl at heart), but remembering my former professor’s opinion, I decided to apply.” — Emilee J.

Emilee, Content Manager headshot
Emilee J., Content Manager

“Terakeet is a home-grown organization, so I was already familiar with the company. I worked in London and New York City because I thought that was the kind of place I needed to be to work with the caliber of clients I wanted to work with. Then I heard Terakeet was working with some big brands. The thought of being able to be close to my family and have a challenging work life was appealing. I’m able to have the best of both worlds.” — Elizabeth W.

“At my previous employer, I began to miss the client-facing element my job had when I moved into a people management role. I knew I wanted more of a challenge in that I had so much more to learn about growing a client and that I wanted to work with bigger, national brands. I thought I was going to have to uproot my life to work with the kinds of brands that I have been able to work with in my time here at Terakeet. I love Syracuse and that I was able to stay near family and friends in such a fulfilling role.” — Anja G-D

“What attracted me to Terakeet was the clients, the ability to work with other experts in my field, and the flexibility as a new mother.” — Rashida P.

“When Jenna Smith, one of Terakeet’s recruiters, reached out to me and pitched Terakeet, I found the value around hard work very appealing. She gave me examples of other people who are here who were able to put in the work and get rewarded for that. I knew I wanted to work hard but I wanted to be somewhere that would value that effort.” — Caleb M.

What keeps you at Terakeet?

“I’ve been at Terakeet for almost three years and have learned something new every single day. I’m someone who has a difficult time sitting still, so I appreciate Terakeet’s fast-paced environment. There are always things to learn, new opportunities to explore, and chances to make an impact.

“As a mother to two young children, I also appreciate Terakeet’s flexibility and unlimited PTO policy. Terakeet is truly a wonderful place to work if you have children and are interested in making the most of your work-life balance. As someone who also enjoys writing under my own byline after hours as a women’s lifestyle journalist, I appreciate the respect that Terakeet has for personal boundaries and the ability I have to confidently log off at the end of the day, knowing that whatever work comes in overnight can wait until the morning.” — Emilee J.

“Terakeet has continued to fulfill the expectations I had around the clients I’d get to work with — actually exceeding them. I’m working with even bigger brands than I was before coming to Terakeet.

“I need something that is going to get me through the day, something I still find challenging. Maybe this is not what everyone else would want, but my days are diverse. I’m having new conversations, I’m still growing and learning — I am not stagnant. On top of that, I really enjoy the work-life balance and flexibility — the ability to work from home and still have access to people all over the country.” — Elizabeth W.

“I am one for a challenge and there’s always a challenge to tackle here! The only thing better is knowing we have such an incredible team and can overcome anything. While I’ve always worked with smart people, Terakeet just takes it up a notch. We have so many different people here at different stages of their careers. In a given day, I could go from a meeting with our product team, to our tech SEO team, to content and I’m learning from all of them.

“Being able to learn from [Vice President of Enterprise Strategy] Jennie Kim, whose mentorship has been unlike anything I’ve experienced at another organization, is also amazing! She is down to earth, experienced, and always willing to share and give advice.” — Anja G-D

“The ability to innovate in our work, autonomy, interest from leadership to improve, pivot, and innovate the company as a whole keeps me here at Terakeet.” — Rashida P.

“The people keep me at Terakeet. I really enjoy working with my team. These are some of the smartest people in the entire industry here who really care about their work. It inspires me to work hard and keep pushing the envelope. I also haven’t seen this level of client care before. Terakeet does a good job remaining able to change.

“I think the way that Terakeet has structured account teams allows people to focus on their area. Your responsibility is clear. It’s amazing what you can learn and do when you aren’t wearing all the hats (PM, AM, Director, etc).” — Caleb M.

Caleb M., SEO Lead headshot
Caleb M., Tech SEO Lead