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An inside look at life as an employee. Join us as we build a community of awesome people.

Instagram post 17861757328766807 Normally, we're all about increased traffic. For now, however, it's time to stay home, stay safe, stay kind, and stay connected. We're in this together 💚
Instagram post 17955911083315745 Some happy news for your Wednesday: Technical SEO Manager, JC Eallonardo, has welcomed Kal Coval Eallonardo to the world, clocking in at 8 lbs. 13 oz. and 20.5 inches long. Mom and baby are doing well and daughter, Ainsley, is happy to have her brother here. #WeAreTerakeet
Instagram post 18048371785228128 As more teams make the transition to remote work, IT and technical staff have become critical to success. We're so thankful that Michael Cleveland (Help Desk Analyst, pictured below) and Joe Thompson (Senior DevOps Engineer, pictured top left) have joined the Terakeet team. #WeAreTerakeet
Instagram post 17860576951773813 Maeve Byrne (Sr. Digital Outreach Specialist & Team Lead) shared this sweet story with us. We thought this positive moment could bring some much-needed sunshine to your day. ❤️⁣
"My Grandma, Kathleen (Katie) Byrne turned 95 yesterday. We were originally supposed to have a big birthday party with the entire family at Twin Trees this Saturday to celebrate, but we canceled to keep everyone (especially Gram) safe. She has 7 sons, 22 grandchildren, and 29 great-grandchildren who love her all so incredibly much. She is truly the matriarch of our family, and she was so surprised and happy to see us all from a safe distance yesterday."⁣
🎥: @sabyrne5⁣
Instagram post 17859300472758176 Out of the growing concern for the spread of #coronavirus in NYS, Terakeet is requiring all employees to work remotely until further notice. See our statement for details.
Instagram post 18129891952006387 Tristan Amond (Product Manager) may be a busy guy, but we were able to grab a few minutes and chat for this month's #WorkplaceWisdom feature. We're so lucky to be able to learn and grow as a company with the help of bright, driven 'Keeters like Tristan - read our latest Careers blog to hear his thoughts! (link in bio)👏 #WeAreTerakeet
Instagram post 17894391418459232 📱Calling all college students: We've officially opened up our summer Perlu internship! If you're looking to gain valuable marketing experience working with an exciting influencer marketing platform, this one's for you! Click the link in our bio to apply or explore other openings! 😊
Instagram post 18000090334285037 'Keeters visited the Motor City to meet with clients and take in local fare, stopping at @eatattownhouse for dinner. Fun Fact: 5 Terakeet employees live in Michigan! 😉 #WeAreTerakeet
Instagram post 18132248224006027 Congratulations are in order for Mathew Fox (Recruiter) and his family! They welcomed their son, Judah Francis Fox last week - look at that head of hair 👶❤️ #WeAreTerakeet ⁣
Pictured: Mathew, Judah, and big sister Rory 💞⁣
Instagram post 17946550498318828 Ryan Maxson (Recruiter) linked up with us for another coffee run to celebrate this month's Humans of Terakeet feature. We dove deep into his search for the elusive "best mozzarella stick," an abiding love for coffee (unsurprising) and the unexpected irony of Taylor Swift's lyrics. Read the latest blog to find out more! 👉(link in bio) #WeAreTerakeet

At Terakeet, we have strong opinions about work:

  • Work should be about more than punching a clock.
  • An office should be more than a cool space and fancy equipment.
  • And coworkers should be much more than just the people you work with.

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This is Where You Should Be

My favorite memory at Terakeet is my first field day. I remember wanting to win at tug-of-war so bad and pulling so hard, and then looking back at all of my teammates, and they were trying as hard, if not harder than I was, pulling that rope, and I thought, ‘Yep, these are my people. This is where I should be.’

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