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An inside look at life as an employee. Join us as we build a community of awesome people.

Instagram post 17957358688378337 We have some very, very exciting news! This morning we were honored with one of Glassdoor’s coveted “Employee Choice Awards” celebrating “Best Places to Work.” We were declared the 26th best company in the U.S. (and the only company from Syracuse, New York) in the small/medium business category. We want to sincerely thank our employees for taking the time to leave honest feedback on our Glassdoor page. Because of this feedback, we are not only able to achieve a recognition of this magnitude, we are also able to grow Terakeet into the kind of company worthy of such positive recognition.

This is a shared win for Terakeet and our incredible talent! To read more about our recent awards and recognitions, check out our latest blog (link in bio). #weareterakeet💚
Instagram post 17866085291234793 To all of our clients and our employees, we wish you a healthy and happy holiday season! We are so grateful for each and every one of you. #weareterakeet💚
Instagram post 17874623618066115 We are so thrilled to announce that we won @digiday’s Worklife Awards “Employer of the Year” title. It’s humbling and exciting to be included among such powerhouse organizations as @hulu, @axios, and more. We love our ‘Keeters and every single employee works hard to make Terakeet the incredible place to work that it is. Thank you, @digiday, for honoring us in such a wonderful way! #weareterakeet💚
Instagram post 17873947559067370 Earlier this week, we learned that we placed 44th in Great Places To Work’s “Best Work Places For Parents” category. This was an especially big honor, given all of the struggles parents across the world have had to face this year. Being a parent, a teacher, a coworker, and a person surviving a pandemic — all at once — is no easy feat.

We asked Digital Content Manager Melissa Stefanec to give us an honest appraisal of what juggling parenting and working remotely has been like this year. Her insights on being a parent at Terakeet this year are heartwarming, honest, and inspiring. We are grateful to every single ’Keeter for embodying the spirit of teamwork to support their coworkers during such a historic time. Read the full story on our blog (link is in our bio). #weareterakeet💚
Instagram post 17855786630339879 Creating an inclusive work environment is something Terakeet strives for each day. This year, we were honored to be recognized by Great Places to Work in the “Best Work Places for Parents” category, which Terakeet placed 44th in! We are thrilled to provide our employees who are parents the opportunity to continue working while still having a healthy work-life balance so they can enjoy time with their loved ones. #WeAreTerakeet 💚
Instagram post 18146647189099743 Remote work is now more important than ever before, but Terakeet has always included it as an added benefit to our employees. For Natalie Wallon (Digital Marketing Specialist), having the ability to work remotely has opened up an entirely new opportunity! 🐚🌋

“Moving to Hawaii over 4,000 miles from home was scary, but having a company support me through this adventure has made working from the island even better. As a remote employee, I found that even through time differences, Terakeet’s culture makes it easy to feel connected and part of a bigger team no matter where you are in the world!” #weareterakeet💚
Instagram post 17897226472661225 Happy Thanksgiving, from our Terakeet family to yours! 🦃 #weareterakeet
Instagram post 17955301066373973 Many people believe that what goes around, comes around. Jordan Wilkinson (SEO Analyst) is one such person. Learn more about her helpful mantra in this week's Mugshot Monday:⠀
"I actually never use this mug for coffee because I have a caffeine itch that this tiny mug can't scratch. It does, however, display my favorite saying, which I repeat to myself approximately 100 times per week!" #weareterakeet
Instagram post 17926687054455039 Terakeet is proud to be a collaborative place of work, full of knowledge-sharing opportunities and synergetic teamwork. Read more about what it’s like to work at Terakeet on our Glassdoor page (link is in our bio)! #weareterakeet💚
Instagram post 17874957722004031 Say it louder for the people in the back 🗣️ This Mugshot Monday is brought to you by Keli Wolf (Digital Marketing Specialist). Read on for her advice on starting your week and staying productive:

“I always start my day by lighting a candle at my desk and pouring myself a BIG cup of coffee. By committing to at least 1 hour of silence as working and starting my day, it always helps me ease into the week in a relaxing, stress-free way!” #weareterakeet💚
Instagram post 17857401896318875 Knowledge sharing is an essential resource at Terakeet, which is why we ask our employees to share their best workplace wisdom each month.  Check out this month’s feature, Krispin Dolbear (Manager of Front-End Development and Design), for his advice on working at Terakeet, top tools for getting things done, and tips for unwinding after a long workday on our blog (link is in our bio)! #weareterakeet💚
Instagram post 17896769995634131 Terakeet demonstrates a team-oriented culture that values strong workplace relationships. For many employees, Terakeet is more than just a place of work— it’s a family! Read more reviews like this from employees on our Glassdoor page (link in bio) #weareterakeet💚

At Terakeet, we have strong opinions about work:

  • Work should be about more than punching a clock.
  • An office should be more than a cool space and fancy equipment.
  • And coworkers should be much more than just the people you work with.

See how we’re making that happen.

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This is Where You Should Be

My favorite memory at Terakeet is my first field day. I remember wanting to win at tug-of-war so bad and pulling so hard, and then looking back at all of my teammates, and they were trying as hard, if not harder than I was, pulling that rope, and I thought, ‘Yep, these are my people. This is where I should be.’

Brittney Lee, Senior Account Manager Apply at Terakeet