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Instagram post 17893870567657244 We caught up with one of our recent remote new hires, Ashley Timms (Digital Content Manager), about what a flexible work from home arrangement means to her and the importance of work-life balance:⠀
"I live in Newport, Rhode Island which I'm convinced is the most perfect place to call home. I'm walking distance to the ocean in all directions and I love exploring the coastline with my dog and on my paddleboard. Working remotely makes it easy to find a balance between work and play so I'm always refreshed for the next day!" #WeAreTerakeet 🌊 💚
Instagram post 17875053940962462 🔔 #Hiring alert! 🔔 Terakeet is looking for a talented web designer to join our team in Syracuse. Click the link in our bio to apply now & explore life at Terakeet! #WeAreTerakeet
Instagram post 18138194617098748 Welcome to the Tera-squad, Jack William! Congratulations to Christie Crable (Sr. Account Manager) and crew on the newest addition to their family. 💚⠀
(📷 @christie_camp12)
Instagram post 18122731630135674 We're ranked on the @fortunemag and @gptw_us list of Best Small/Medium Workplaces! Thank you to our 'Keeters for ranking us one of the best employers in the country in 2020. Click the link in our bio to read what our employees had to say about our awesome workplace culture & read a blog post announcing the news! #BestWorkplaces #WeAreTerakeet 🥳💚
Instagram post 17875870723903982 Many participants in Terakeet's formal mentorship program say the biggest benefit is the opportunity it gives our 'Keeters – both mentor and mentee – to self-advocate and push for growth in their personal and professional lives. Read more about the program on our Careers blog (link in bio). #WeAreTerakeet 💚 😍
Instagram post 17939637373394965 Do you prefer a cup of coffee or a spot of tea? Check out how Jenna Coppola (Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist) starts her #MugshotMonday with a little inspiration from across the pond:⠀
"After graduating from college, I spent a gap year in London and got this mug while living there! Every day before I start working, I like to sit outside with my coffee in my favorite mug and read a book!" #WeAreTerakeet 💚 📚 ☕️
Instagram post 17842736522447390 Terakeet is growing, and we're looking for a digital copy editor on a contract-to-hire basis. Click the link in our bio to learn more about this role or find your fit among our other openings!⠀
Instagram post 17870978584977806 For all our employees, there's life outside of Terakeet. But, not surprisingly, many ‘Keeters’ positions match some of their interests and hobbies. Check out how Bridget Conway (Digital Content Specialist) indulges in her passion for reading and writing away from her desk and how that helps her stay focused while on the job: ⠀
"I like to experiment with the kinds of for-fun content I make, and I've stuck my hands into a lot of creative pots in that world. To name one thing: I have a book Instagram page (@bridgetsbookcorner)! Trying out different styles of writing in my free time definitely helps when it comes to thinking outside the box at work. I have to switch gears a lot in my daily workflow and facing new challenges with a more creative approach makes the job a lot more interesting and rewarding!" #WeAreTerakeet 💚
Instagram post 17879683495863835 Rakesh Patel (Sr. Operations Analyst) is our October #WorkplaceWisdom feature! During our discussion, he emphasized the importance of "sharing what you are an expert at just as much as you learn from others" - as collaboration brings more value, efficiency, and success to the workplace.⠀
Read our most recent Careers blog post (link in bio) to learn more about Rakesh's favorite quote, and how he spends his time outside of work to refuel and maintain a work-life balance! #WeAreTerakeet 💚
Instagram post 17905229869548009 With the right technology scaffolding and HR practices in place, Terakeet was able to swiftly support a move to remote work - with plans to continue building its distributed workforce in the months to come. Read more reviews like this from employees located in Syracuse and beyond on our Glassdoor page! (link in bio) #WeAreTerakeet 💚
Instagram post 17847786755345088 Cooper the toy poodle is a dedicated furry 'Keeter who frequents the 6th floor. He's very serious about accounting, and snuggles. 

📸 Brendan George, Accounting Manager
Instagram post 17887931617697653 As Jenni Thornton (Director of HR) says, "Our harvest has yielded some a-maize-ing and unbe-leaf-able talent; check out this gourd-geous group. Happy Teraversary to our autumn crew!" Couldn't have put it better ourselves, Jenni! #WeAreTerakeet 🍂🍁
Instagram post 17898674596591555 Tristan Amond (Product Manager) is extremely passionate about voter education. He was kind enough to contribute a thoughtful resource guide for our blog, geared towards voters in the local Syracuse community and beyond. Read tips on making informed decisions about candidates, learn about the election search landscape courtesy of Google Trends, and access a handy voter registration timeline for New York State at the link in our bio. #WeAreTerakeet 💚
Instagram post 17874689434910193 Hailee Claycomb (Digital Marketing Specialist) is mastering her career as well as many mountain tops! 🏔 Read how this national park lover, culinary connoisseur, and Le Moyne grad ended up at Terakeet in October's #HumansofTerakeet feature! (link in bio)

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This is Where You Should Be

My favorite memory at Terakeet is my first field day. I remember wanting to win at tug-of-war so bad and pulling so hard, and then looking back at all of my teammates, and they were trying as hard, if not harder than I was, pulling that rope, and I thought, ‘Yep, these are my people. This is where I should be.’

Brittney Lee, Senior Account Manager Apply at Terakeet