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From awareness to advocacy, building authentic connections with your audience is key to creating 'true fans' of your brand. 

Check out our latest blog to learn how fostering authentic consumer connections is not only important but can transform your marketing strategy. 

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Captivate consumers and surpass traditional marketing strategies with Owned Asset Optimization (OAO), a strategy designed to exceed consumer expectations by meeting them where they are throughout their buyers journey.
Discover the untapped potential in the RSV vaccine market! 

See how pharmaceutical brands like Pfizer and GSK can use owned asset optimization (OAO) to connect with consumers — decoding millions of questions with useful content.
Join us in recognizing AT Timms, our fourth Marc Murray Award nominee, and a second-year honoree as well!

Since she started in August 2020, Ashley has shown dedication, leadership, and unwavering positivity. Her colleagues say she not only maintains relationships across Terakeet but also balances the broader perspective with the finer details that matter most.

Congratulations, AT, on this well-deserved honor! Your hard work and positive attitude inspire us all.
Meet RJ Licata, our Sr. Director of Marketing and a Marc Murray Award nominee for the second year.

The first marketing hire at Terakeet nearly 10 years ago, RJ has taken on many roles and played a pivotal part in developing owned asset optimization. His team members say he embodies our values by consistently uplifting those around him.

His genuine approach to leadership, combined with his ability to motivate and encourage others, make him a deserving nominee for this award.

Join us in congratulating RJ!
Meet Caryn Costanza, our Sr. Client Success Director and a nominee for the 2024 Marc Murray Award.

Since joining Terakeet in 2015, Caryn has grown into a true client champion and leader. Her colleagues say she sets a high bar, pushing for great results while fostering growth and improvement among her team members.

Congratulations, Caryn, on this well-deserved nomination!
We’re thrilled to announce Ken Schiefer as one of our 2024 Marc Murray Award nominees! From his early days as a brand strategist to his current role as an enterprise client partner, Ken has consistently embodied Terakeet’s core values.

We’re grateful to have Ken on our team. His dedication, professionalism, and positive impact on those around him make him a worthy nominee.

Join us in congratulating Ken on this well-deserved recognition!
Diversify your online presence for lasting success! Invest in and multiply your owned assets to steer your brand's narrative, widen your digital footprint, and boost consumer connections.

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Our employees thrive on the opportunity to dive into the unknown and push the boundaries of what's possible.

Whether it’s suggesting a new tool, trying unfamiliar ones, or improving our existing suite, we empower our team to unleash their creativity and improve our workflow and outcomes.

Each experiment and each idea adds value to our growth journey. We’re proud to foster a culture of exploration that turns possibilities into realities!

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What's the key to connecting with consumers in the era of AI? 

Building a constellation of owned assets that create a cohesive, consistent, and brand-controlled narrative.

Just as stars form patterns, owned assets help tell a story about an organization through managed and leveraged channels. It's this controlled story that then informs AI tools.

Learn how leveraging AI grows your brand — and how owned asset optimization and human oversight fortifies against potential risks. 

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  • And coworkers should be much more than just the people you work with.

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My favorite memory at Terakeet is my first field day. I remember wanting to win at tug-of-war so bad and pulling so hard, and then looking back at all of my teammates, and they were trying as hard, if not harder than I was, pulling that rope, and I thought, ‘Yep, these are my people. This is where I should be.’

Brittney Lee, Senior Account Manager Apply at Terakeet