Flexible Work Hours

Create a work schedule that works for your life.


Remote Work

We embrace the remote lifestyle and we’ll help you get your home office set up just the way you like it.


Paid Family Leave

Family comes first. We offer 12 weeks of fully paid family leave, as well as other parenting benefits.

Unity and collaboration make Terakeet a great place to work. No matter what department you’re working in, what customer you have or who your team is, you know you’re going to be set up for success. Everyone has the same drive and care for their work, no matter what you’re working on.

Lauren MacBlane, Outreach Manager

Health Benefits

We offer comprehensive care coverage, including: health, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance options.


Paid Time Off

Enjoy three weeks off your first year and the potential to earn up to unlimited PTO.


Retirement Planning

Contribute to your 401K with up to 5% match from Terakeet.*

*Must be 21 years of age or older to participate.

Each year I feel like I’m doing something new. I don’t feel like a number, and I don’t feel like the status quo is going to cut it, and that’s fun to me. That challenge is really exciting.

Meghan Collins, Digital Content Manager

Health & Wellness Reimbursement

We offer employees an annual reimbursement for health and wellness expenses.


Competitive Pay

We offer competitive market pay and incentive programs.


Transportation Stipend

Whether driving in, biking, or taking the bus, we make your commute a little easier.

Terakeet Culture

We have a big dedication to philanthropy at Terakeet… people come into work every day prioritizing doing good before doing well. That mindset is the foundation of our company and keeps us thriving. We’re people-focused, and compassion drives us.

Nicole Burun, Human Resources Coordinator See How We Give Back


  • Corporate mentorship program
  • Corporate discounts
  • Sponsored travel to our headquarters for remote employees
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Wine club with monthly deliveries
  • Terakeet branded swag
  • Fresh snacks and locally brewed coffee in the office
  • Dog-friendly office
  • Tickets to Syracuse sporting events and museums


An inside look at life as an employee. Join us as we build a community of awesome people.

Owned assets are a brand’s platform to tell consumers, employees, and stakeholders who they are and what they stand for. 

Owned assets are built upon the typically internal-facing, foundational documents and ideas that brands can call upon to create and optimize their owned assets. 

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ICYMI Terakeet’s Senior Director of Marketing RJ Licata joined Christoph Trappe to discuss how you can better connect with consumers through reception marketing. 
Click the link in our bio to listen now. 

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Search intent is maybe the single most accurate type of consumer behavior data brands can leverage.

Imagine the power your brand can harness from this always-on focus group, giving you data across billions of searches.
In order to lead with an OAO strategy, it's important to understand what an owned asset is. 

Owned assets are digital brand properties that companies have complete creative and technical control over. They're the foundation of a brand’s presence in the digital marketplace. 


Owned assets present the opportunity for brands to directly connect with consumers, building trust, equity, and authentic relationships without any middleman.

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By understanding consumer needs, reception marketing offers an approach that prioritizes providing value to an audience when they're in need BEFORE they make a purchase. 

In turn it earns the trust necessary to make this kind of connection and positions brands as trusted, reliable guides for consumers, regardless of the direction they take. 


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Check out our very own CTO & Co-Founder Pat Danial on The Jake Dunlap Show podcast!

Check it out to learn how Pat, along with the team, took Terakeet to a new level by creating an environment where employees felt involved and motivated to push forward and innovate.

Click the link in our bio to listen now!
For almost a century, brands have relied heavily on interruption and permission marketing strategies to reach target audiences.

However, today’s consumers no longer respond to intrusive marketing tactics, and they want more value upfront. 
The modern digital marketplace requires a new approach.

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Owned asset optimization sets the tone, builds brand trust from the jump, and helps influence positive outcomes across the assets you do not own. 

Using the assets you fully control to help consumers solve their problems fosters lasting trust and goodwill towards your brand. It pays dividends across less controllable spaces and prioritizes owned assets - increasing control and effectiveness of paid strategies.

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OAO is a performance engine, generating demand through consumer connection. It's a new growth channel for brands that can be forecasted, scaled and leveraged for long-term growth.

**Terakeet’s OAO strategies reduce CPA by 70–90% at scale, while giving lift to all marketing channels.**

As the original OAO company, Terakeet is ready to partner with you to supercharge your owned assets. 

Click the link in our bio to learn more.

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Struggling to keep up with ever-evolving consumer needs?
A new approach to marketing that prioritizes customer connection is here. 
Owned Asset Optimization (OAO) builds a strong foundation of digital assets that help brands tell their story and provide real value to consumers. 
Click the link in our bio to learn more. 

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Understanding consumer behavior is the single most pressing issue for marketers of all industries.

There’s an endless list of what drives customer behavior, but ultimately they fall into three major categories: psychological factors, personal factors, and social factors.

How do you leverage what drives your customers? Click the link in our bio to learn more.
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