Our Award-Winning Team: Celebrating Recent Industry Recognition

Caroline Withers Senior Marketing Strategist

Editor’s Note: Our team of experts are often recognized for their innovative and impactful client strategies amidst an evolving digital landscape. However, the honors we received this year seem even sweeter because they recognize our owned asset optimization (OAO) work. Our team’s award-winning skills are what gave us the launchpad to bring OAO, a category we introduced, to the market this spring.

We’re honored that these prestigious organizations believe we’re continuing (and expanding) our industry impact. Learn about these awards and hear directly from the employees who contributed to these successful programs below!

At Terakeet, we often say: together, we win. But it’s not just talk.

Our team has long been impacting the ways global brands (including our own) connect with consumers, and impact the business’s bottom line as a result. We’re incredibly proud of the way our experts continue to collaborate cross-disciplinaryly, build strategies, and drive results that are leading the market and making a real impact. 

In 2023, we were recognized across a variety of marketing and tech-related award programs and categories, starting from our earlier work in SEO, and ending in our newly-formed owned asset optimization (OAO) category. 

“Our goal at Terakeet is to leverage creativity, innovation, data insights, and drive to deliver best-in-class outcomes, both for our customers, and our own brand. We’re truly humbled by the recognition of our carefully crafted methods, and excited by the cutting-edge strategies shown by all winners.”

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder Mac Cummings

Check out the details below and hear directly from the teams driving these strategies!

Marcom Awards: Platinum Award for Digital Marketing Campaign

Using Owned Asset Optimization (OAO) To Drive 8.5x ROI For A Leading Eyeglass Retailer 

The MarCom Awards, run by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), is considered one of the world’s largest creative competitions, designed by creatives for creatives.

The program celebrates outstanding achievements in the industry and has one of the most comprehensive winner listings in the industry, attracting about 6,000 print and digital entries submitted from dozens of countries.

Our team’s work in 2023 for a longtime customer, a leading eyewear retailer, was recognized as a standout program for its creative strategy, unique use of data, and industry-leading results.

When the customer faced shifting consumer behavior early in the year, Terakeet deployed a custom, data-informed OAO strategy to help improve the brand’s online visibility, competitive edge, and connection with consumers.

2023 MarCom award image

Terakeet’s strategy focused on using consumer analytics to create more audience-centric, informed, and authoritative resources on the brand’s owned content hub, then boosting those assets through external brand promotion. This was done with the ultimate goal of building long-term brand trust and driving new revenue.

The partnership with this client has been built by the incredible work our team has provided over the past decade but furthered by our ability to adapt quickly to the customer’s current needs to build an integrated, custom, and data-informed program.

“This customer is one of Terakeet’s oldest, and I’m so proud of how our program has continued to evolve over the many years we’ve worked together. Our partnership has allowed us to dig in, create some truly creative strategies, and make a meaningful impact. I can’t wait to see the way our team continues to innovate to ensure we’re staying at the cutting edge!”

Katie Heaton, Sr. Client Success Manager Katie Heaton

Marcom Awards: Gold Award for Best Website Redesign

Building A Rebranded Website To Educate Industry Leaders And Build Brand Awareness

MarCom Gold Award 2023 image

We take our own medicine, too. We were also recognized by the same program for the work done for our own brand this year.

Before we could launch the OAO category, we had to complete extensive market research and build a library of educational content, as well as overhaul our company’s branding, including color, visuals, and website.

Our team was tasked with not only improving visibility amidst a rebrand but also with education on an entirely new marketing approach. 

Our marketing team worked closely with our design, UX, and web development teams to build a website that could do both — draw traffic and increase industry awareness of OAO, and improve brand trust and equity.

Ultimately, the team achieved this — supporting the growth of the category and traffic to our website.

“A website redesign project like this can be incredibly complex. I am very proud of how this team worked collaboratively across departments, pushing one another to achieve a beautiful, intuitive, and award-winning design.”

Sr. Marketing Manager Pat Lane

MUSE Creative Awards: Best Strategic Program: Search Engine Optimization

Achieved Top Search Market Share for Telemedicine Brand

Spanning a diverse range of categories, the MUSE Creative Awards, from International Awards Associate (IAA), is one of the most prestigious industry recognition programs.

It honors the best achievements from advertising to digital media, as well as in marketing strategies and PR communications.

Entrants from across the globe participate, showcasing creative advertising, design, and campaigns that inspire and set new benchmarks in the industry.

This award recognized our team’s ability to combine proprietary technology, journey mapping, and expert execution to tap into real-time consumer behavior insights.

MUSE 2023 gold winner image

As a result, our team analyzed and diagnosed the situation, and developed a custom, data-informed SEO strategy for a telehealth customer.

This work included unique, resourceful content production, external brand amplification, and UX-focused website updates. Ultimately, the team’s efforts and agility resulted in 8.1x ROI for the customer, as well as decreased cost-per-acquisition and improved online market share.

“​​The work that came out of each team was always thoughtful and high-quality. We really leaned on each other’s expertise to overcome the challenges we were seeing in search.”

Tech SEO Lead Cole Knutson

Terakeet also won a 2023 Gold Titan Business Award in the Marketing: Health Services category for our work with the same customer.

Built In: Best Places to Work

Named a Top Mid-Sized Remote Company to Work For

And we’ve started 2024 off on a great foot!

Built In, one of the largest job platforms in the tech space, named Terakeet as one of the best places to work this January. This honor recognized our employee benefits and compensation package as a leading offering across US technology-based workplaces.

The award also took into consideration our commitment to DEI efforts and other people-centric and cultural offerings. Terakeet was the only company with a headquarters in Upstate New York included on the list.

“At Terakeet, we are all about building meaningful connections inside and outside of our organization. Our team is the foundation of our business, and we are honored to be included in Built In’s Best Places to Work list. Our growth and success result from our employees who deliver best-in-class service and innovative solutions to the enterprise brands we call partners.”

Chief People Officer Lynn Fraas

We’ve long known our team is industry-leading, but it’s an honor to be recognized by external marketing experts as well. The hard work of all our employees, from content strategists to SEO analysts, project managers to UX designers, and digital marketers to web developers, continues to amaze us. We’re thrilled for our team’s continued success and impact in 2024 and beyond!