Workplace Wisdom: Bridget Doherty

Maggie Farragher-Gnadt

Editor’s Note:

Our ‘Keeters have a lot of gems to share! Terakeet’s growing team is packed chock-full of accomplished individuals with rich levels of personal and professional experience. These individuals help spark knowledge transfer, dialogue, and culture-building at all levels of the company. We regularly highlight the wise words of such employees on our social channels, but we wanted to expand on the theme with a more in-depth Workplace Wisdom feature for the Terakeet Careers blog. To kick things off, we interviewed Bridget Doherty, Digital Content Specialist, about the best advice she’s ever gotten, the workplace tools she can’t live without, and more. 

Q1: What is your role and how long have you worked at Terakeet?

I have worked at Terakeet for two years this month, and I recently began working in the content department. Prior to this role, I worked in the outreach department, and I had a really positive transition process. My teammates and supervisors on both ends have been extremely supportive and have made me feel comfortable, welcomed and well-prepared for all of the responsibilities associated with each position. 

Q2: What advice would you give someone who is new to Syracuse or to Terakeet? 

Everyone at this organization wants individuals to succeed in addition to the company itself experiencing success, so try to learn from as many people as possible. 

Q3: List a quote that has helped you get through a tough time.

I don’t typically look for or rely on quotes when I’m going through a rough patch. Instead, I try to see how I can potentially learn from this situation, and I search for actionable solutions to my problem. In my experience, the best way to overcome difficulty is to face your situation head-on and break down the issue into steps that will lead you to better life circumstances. 

Q4: How do you unwind after a case of the Mondays?

I like to listen to music, go on walks (when the weather permits) or go to yoga classes. Anything that gets my body moving and my mind cleared can be a great way to unwind. 

Q5: If you could invite any famous businessperson or workplace guru to dinner, who would it be and why?

I would like to have dinner with Lauren Singer, the founder and CEO of Package Free shops. Her mission to make low-waste lifestyle changes and products that will not harm the earth available to everyone is extremely inspiring. 

Q6: If you could only use 5 workplace tools or platforms, what would they be and why?

  • Google Calendar, because I can plan out short and long-term projects and goals all in one place. It is also helpful to be able to coordinate meeting times with coworkers based off their calendar availability. 
  • SEMRush, to see what the competitive landscape is for each of our clients and each of their target pages. 
  • Slack, because it is much less disruptive to a person’s day than getting up and walking across the office to ask someone a question, and much more intuitive than emailing. 
  • Hive, because you can see an up to the minute timeline for all projects you are working on, and you can see who else you can go to for help with the project, too. 
  • The “suggesting” feature on Google Docs. I love being able to see other people’s edits to my work as if it were a printed out redline proofread. It is also helpful that you can ask questions in replies to any edit made so that no suggested edits are ever confusing or ambiguous. 

Q7:  What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from a coworker? 

I have heard from countless coworkers that our other colleagues are smart, interesting, and dedicated, and that getting to know people in many different departments can enhance your work and your overall experience at Terakeet. I could not agree more, and I have found that meeting and getting to know people whose desks may only be 20 feet from mine has led to many valuable learning experiences and is a great way to diversify my work and social lives.