Terakeet Employees Give Thanks – Highlighting Our Shout-Out Culture

Molly McGuane

Editor’s Note:

Expressing gratitude for each other is a core component of the Terakeet culture. Throughout the year, employees recognize each other on a regular basis in order to show appreciation and give thanks. For example, weekly company-wide meetings serve as a platform for employees to shout each other out and recognize a job well done. But as tradition goes — there’s no better time to say “thank you” than the holiday season. So, we’re highlighting shout outs from those across the company who wish to recognize their colleagues. Read on to see the gratitude and value our team brings to the table.

Carolin Gonzalez shouts out Jamie Layhew

I am thankful to Jamie Layhew for not only being a hard-working and dedicated coworker, but for being an amazing friend. Finding someone to support you endlessly and keep you motivated is hard, but I can count on Jamie no matter what!

Carolin G. shouts out Jamie L.

Robyn Tevepaugh shouts out Ashish Jacob

I am thankful for Ashish Jacob (AJ) for a multitude of reasons. He has taken me under his wing since I started at Terakeet. His level of detail, willingness to help, impressive knowledge base and skill set make him an extraordinary employee and coworker.

Neca Johnson shouts out Wen Li

Neca J. shouts out Wen Li.

I’m thankful for Wen Li, our senior developer. Not only did he assist me as a new hire in learning about Carina, but Wen has always been a steady force for the team. He lives our values of teamwork and integrity every day and I am proud to call him my teammate!

Grace Barattini shouts out Mike Riccardi and Amber Verity

I am so grateful I get to work with Mike Riccardi and Amber Verity. They both constantly encourage me to keep going and help set me up for success. Their support doesn’t go unnoticed and I am very thankful to have two leaders to look up to. Thank you for being my biggest cheerleaders!

Jonas Sickler shouts out Pat Lane

I’m thankful for Pat Lane because he pushes me to expand my horizons, feel a little uncomfortable, and hold myself accountable to personal goals. He creates a safe place for me to share bold ideas and reflect on myself as a person and teammate.

Mike Riccardi shouts out Lucy Vitale

Mike Riccardi and Lucy Vitale shout out

I’m thankful for having a leader like Lucy who challenges me to be better every day. I appreciate her trust, support, and the fun nature she brings to the workplace.

Carolina Creighton shouts out Maggie Peterson and Emily Terzini

I am so grateful to my mentor Maggie Peterson. She has been more than a tremendous help from the start, and continues to be one of my main supports here at Terakeet! She’s always contributing positive and helpful feedback and never hesitates to share resources for all team members to benefit from!!

In addition, I’m beyond grateful to my Outreach Manager Emily Terzini for her fast thinking and flexibility. While I’ve been out unexpectedly for jury duty, Emily and my teammate Katherine Ryan have done more than enough to keep my inbox afloat and stay on top of writing, articles, and tricky publishers for me!

Anne Holub shouts out Ashley Timms

Anne H. shouts out Ashley T.

I’m thankful for my fellow Content teammate, Ashley Timms (aka AT), who I can always ask questions of, or send silly memes to, any time of the day! She makes me feel like I’m not going overboard with my wild ideas, and inspires me as a manager!

Cosette Myrick shouts out Jamie Layhew

I’m thankful for Jamie Layhew, a fellow Digital Outreach Specialist in my new hire group. She has become a dear friend both inside the office, and out. She’s always there as a support when things go well, or even when they don’t. So thankful for her and her kindness.

Samantha Lewis shouts out Brenna Bastian and Mat Fox

Sam L. shouts out Brenna B. and Mat Fox

I am very thankful for the entire Talent Acquisition team. The collaboration and opportunity to grow as a professional under Mat Fox and Brenna Bastian’s leadership is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, and my teammates are incredibly supportive.