Meet the Digital Marketing and SEO Apprentices

Molly McGuane

Editor’s Note:

Each year, Terakeet selects a group of individuals to participate in our 12-month Digital Marketing and SEO Apprenticeship Program. Throughout the year, members of the program learn marketing industry basics and professional skills through structured training and mentorship. The goal of the program is to prepare individuals with nontraditional paths for long-term career success. 

This year, we’re excited to work with two Digital Marketing and SEO Apprentices: Janet Briggs and Margaret “Maggie” Woodin. Read on to learn more about Janet and Margaret and why they’ve enjoyed working at Terakeet so far.

What is Terakeet’s Apprenticeship Program?

The Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Program is a paid training and mentorship program for individuals with nontraditional experience and career paths. The goal of the program is to teach participants the fundamentals of marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Program participants are paid, are able to work remotely, and enjoy Terakeet’s employment benefits.

At the end of the year, individuals who have successfully completed the program will be eligible for a digital marketing specialist role. At that point, Terakeet may offer apprentices a full-time position or help guide them into the next phase of their career or education. As a result of Terakeet’s 2021 Apprenticeship Program, three former apprentices were offered positions as digital outreach specialists.

“We know different experiences and backgrounds make us a stronger organization. Whether you’ve just graduated from high school, or you’re changing your profession, we offer the training and experience that will allow you to build a long-term career. We’re honored to help individuals launch their careers, no matter what their calling ends up being.”

–Lynn Fraas, Chief People Officer

Meet our Digital Marketing and SEO Apprentices

Janet Briggs, Digital Marketing/SEO Apprentice

My name is Janet, but that hasn’t always been my name. I am a trans woman, it’s a big part of my identity.

Aside from that, I’m a very creative person, I’m always writing and creating art. Expressing myself through art is something that gives my life meaning.

Margaret “Maggie” Woodin, Digital Marketing/SEO Apprentice

My name is Margaret (or Maggie) Woodin, and I’m 20 years old from Elbridge, NY. I have mostly worked as a barista (with a coffee addiction) since I was 14 or 15. I’m very passionate about fashion and my overall aesthetic, and I tend to spend most of my free time at thrift stores.

I’m very vocal about LGBTQ+ and women’s rights, as well as inclusivity in all aspects of life (workplace, fashion, entertainment, government) and I hope to one day really make an impact.

What drew you to Terakeet’s Apprenticeship Program?

Margaret Woodin: Everyone learns differently, and for a lot of people who struggled in school, hands-on training is the best medium. I never had an easy time in traditional schooling, ever since I dropped out of college for computer science I’ve been looking for an apprenticeship in anything outside of engineering (which there’s not much of) because it’s just how I learn best. I think more places should bring back apprenticeships to help people who don’t have access to higher education. 

Janet Briggs: Terakeet’s Apprenticeship Program was a big opportunity for me. I had just moved to the Syracuse area and was in need of work, and the application process was open at just the right time for me to dive in. Terakeet’s history of diversity and inclusion also appealed to me.

What experiences are you most looking forward to during your time at Terakeet?

Janet Briggs: I’m excited about the opportunity working at Terakeet presents. The potential to find permanent employment at Terakeet at the end of the apprenticeship or to find employment elsewhere makes my future much more certain. I’m also looking forward to connecting with my coworkers.

Margaret Woodin: I’m very excited to actually go into the office and meet some of the amazing people I’ve been working with, I’ve heard there’s really good coffee too. I’m also very happy I won’t have to drive to work in the snowy months, no more frantically scraping snow and ice off my car at 7 am! But what I’m most looking forward to is actually finishing the apprentice program and moving forward in my career at Terakeet.

What have you learned so far?

Janet Briggs: I’ve learned a lot about working in an office environment, even though I’m working from home on my laptop. Keeping up with my coworkers over email or on Slack is a very important part of working in an environment like this. My previous jobs have all been service jobs at fast food places, so it’s a breath of fresh air that I appreciate.

Margaret Woodin: One thing that really stuck with me was an article my mentor sent to our group about the confidence gap between men and women in the workplace. Women tend to talk down on themselves and their work and thus miss out on opportunities because they don’t see themselves as a good fit or chock up their achievements to luck instead of their own hard work. I’ve noticed this trend in myself and have been working to be more confident in my abilities not just in the workplace but in all aspects of my life.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Terakeet?

Janet Briggs: Terakeet has been a very accepting place to work. Everyone has referred to me by my preferred name, and the LGBTQ+ culture in Terakeet is cool to see! The only time I’ve ever seen my deadname used at Terakeet was on legal documents, and it’s been very refreshing to see. Knowing that my managers and my coworkers respect me has motivated me to work hard.

Margaret Woodin: As an extreme introvert, I love love love working from home. Being able to flex my time around my schedule has been amazing. Everyone I have met so far has been incredibly kind and supportive, especially with me being so new to marketing and SEO. I have a lot of questions and there’s always someone to give me the answers.