A Day In the Life of a Project Manager: Sydney Ziverts

Maggie Farragher-Gnadt

Editor’s Note: 

Project Managers at Terakeet are instrumental in helping our clients and our team work together to achieve deadlines, milestones, and goals. Their commitment to defining, managing, and maintaining large-scale projects (all the while fostering communication and productivity within multidisciplinary teams) helps us deliver on more for our clients and demonstrates our value. 

We’ve built out a robust project management team in recent years – one that is growing quickly! Meet Sydney Ziverts, a member of our rockstar PM team. We’re interviewing her as part of our “Day in the Life” series. Check out the inside scoop on what it’s like to be a PM at Terakeet, below!

Q1:  When did you join Terakeet? What is your career history?

I joined Terakeet in 2014 as a Brand Strategist, which is now called Digital Outreach Specialist. I’ve worked in several different positions at Terakeet, from roles in the outreach department to Terakeet Labs, each paving the way for my position in project management in one way or another. 

One of the things I love most about Terakeet is how you can really create your own path and evolve with the company. Each unique experience has helped me grow not only in my career and as a project manager, but in my personal life as well.

Q2: What’s the most challenging aspect of your workday? The most rewarding?

Each day can present different challenges! Having an amazing team to work with makes each challenge easier to navigate while learning something new each time. I’d say conquering new waters with my team is also, in turn, the most rewarding.

Q3: Walk us through a day in your life as a PM working at Terakeet!

Typically on a Monday, I prioritize emails and tasks for the day, and overall, what needs to get done that week by looking through the project plan and accounting for any additional tasks that need attention. Then, our whole team meets Monday mornings to get everybody on the same page for priorities that week.

I always make a list of what needs to be addressed in order of importance to stay organized. I love using OneNote, and good old fashioned pen + paper! 

Q4: Are there any other typical workday events or initiatives that help you stay productive and help you grow? 

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in the Mentorship Pilot Program. My mentor, Katie Romagno (Account Director), has been an instrumental part of my growth at Terakeet. 

Although the pilot has ended, Katie continues to push me to reach for the stars and puts a smile on my face every day. It’s really wonderful to have a mentor and co-worker, who has also become a friend, that you know supports you and has your best interest in mind. 

Q5: Do you see your work at Terakeet changing in the next few years? How do you plan to stay ahead of the curve?

The SEO industry is ever-changing, and we are always innovating as a company to stay ahead of the curve. By establishing best practices for the project management department as well as Terakeet as a whole, we will be able to pivot quickly and seamlessly along with the industry. 

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