Hiring FAQs: Everything Candidates Need to Know

Molly McGuane

Editor’s Note:

Applying for a new job can be exciting, energizing, and sometimes scary — but, at Terakeet, we don’t want it to be stressful. In an effort to make our hiring process less daunting, we want to share the most frequently asked questions we get about applying to and interviewing at Terakeet. Overall, our hiring team is here to make you comfortable and ensure your experience is seamless and enjoyable. Read on to learn about what you can expect during the interview process and why Terakeet is such a supportive place to work.

How do I apply for a job?

All applicants can apply for open positions through our Openings page. There, you can select an open role, read the description, and submit an application through the accompanying form. You can also apply directly through LinkedIn by connecting your account. You can also follow us on our social media channels, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay up to date on company information.

How do I learn about future openings? 

If you don’t see a position that aligns with your interests or skill set, you can sign up to be a part of Terakeet’s Talent Network. Through the Talent Network, you will receive emails about future openings and department news tailored to your interests.

Why should I apply to Terakeet?

There are so many reasons why job seekers should strongly consider a career at Terakeet. Our competitive benefits, flexible work offering, and commitment to being a remote organization are just the tip of the iceberg. Terakeet also provides employees with the exciting opportunity to work with some of the world’s largest global brands.

Above all, Terakeet is a professional environment where employees can continue to learn and grow their careers while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. You’ll be surrounded by incredibly intelligent, kind, and compassionate individuals who want you to hit your goals and move forward.

Is the interview process done remotely?

Yes. Terakeet is a remote-first organization — meaning all employees have the option to work remotely. Our interview process aligns with this structure, and in most cases, interviews will be conducted over the phone and on video calls. 

What does the Terakeet hiring process look like?

After you’ve submitted an application, your information will be reviewed by our recruiting team. Due to the high volume of applications for each role we post, it could take a few weeks before you hear back from a recruiter.

Once our team has reviewed your application, a recruiter will reach out to qualified candidates to set up a phone interview. A phone interview gives you the opportunity to learn more about our team, and for us to get to know you better.

The interview process

After your phone interview, you’ll be notified by our recruiting team if you’ve been selected to move forward in the interview process. At that point, we’ll set up a time for you to meet with the hiring committee for additional interviews. The hiring committee is typically comprised of the recruiter you’ve been in contact with, department leadership, and those you’ll be closely working with. Depending on the role you’re interested in, multiple interviews with the team may be conducted.

For many positions, our hiring committees also ask candidates to complete a short role-related assignment prior to their interview. The assignments help our hiring managers understand your thought process and how you’d approach a typical task.

How long will it take to hear a decision?

After the interview process, the hiring committee and recruiting team will take some time to evaluate all the candidates for a given position. Due to the nature of the hiring process, it may take up to a few weeks to hear from the team. We know no one likes waiting — including us! But the hiring team will need to consider all applicants and make a decision.

Once the decision is made, you’ll receive an email with the job offer. Congratulations! At that point, a recruiter will send you an offer letter with the details of the role, your start date, salary, and your benefits package. 

Do you send equipment to new employees?

Yes! Leading up to your start date, we will send you the equipment you need to succeed at your new role, including a computer and additional supplies to get started. 

What should I expect during my first week at Terakeet?

Starting a new job can be nerve-racking, but on your first day at Terakeet we’ll be here to welcome you with open arms. Terakeet is filled with individuals who enjoy helping each other learn, grow, and succeed. We’re committed to creating a professional environment where individuals can ask questions and share ideas. 

During your first week, you’ll learn more about our organization and job responsibilities through our onboarding process. Our training managers will assist you in getting up to speed and settled within your department.

Learn more about what it’s like to work at Terakeet on our Life at Terakeet and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion pages.