The 12 Days of Terakeet: Celebrating What Makes Us Special

Molly McGuane

Editor’s Note:

Together as a team, we make great things happen but just what goes into the success of Terakeet? In the spirit of the holidays, we’re celebrating the 12 days of Terakeet to highlight the culture we’re proud of. Read more to learn about our newest benefits, our unique traditions, and what our employees love most about working at Terakeet!

1 Weekly Company Wide Meetup

Each week, Terakeet employees “circle-up” to celebrate, educate, and give every team member a voice.

Our company-wide meetings are just one of the ways we communicate, keep morale up, and show support for each other from wherever we work.

At the end of each circle-up, employees are encouraged to shout out fellow coworkers for a job well done that week. In many cases, we hear about employees who went above and beyond for their clients or went out of their way to support each other.

2 Terakeet Co-Founders

Mac Cummings and Pat Daniel created Terakeet in their early twenties and, after a few challenging years, they pivoted the company’s focus toward helping brands grow and protect their businesses.

The two co-founders went from business partners to best friends, as their company bloomed and flourished over several decades.

So where did their ideas and more importantly the company name come from? Read about their journey here to learn more.

3 New Benefits in 2022

We’re proud to offer even more work perks to help put our employees first.

  • Unlimited paid time off,
  • A week to regroup during the holidays and
  • IRA options to plan for the future

These are just some of the ways we cultivate the work-life balance at Terakeet. 

Could this be the right fit for you? Visit our benefits page to learn more.

4 Marketing & Digital SEO Apprentice Opportunities in Syracuse

For the second year in a row, approximately 4 to 6 opportunities have been up for grabs as part of Terakeet’s Marketing and Digital Apprentice program. The pilot program began in 2020 and accepted applicants from the Syracuse area have been immersed in training and the fundamentals of marketing at Terakeet since then.  

Once again, we’re gearing up to bring in new apprentices in 2023. Know a recent high school graduate that could be a good fit? Read about our apprenticeship program here.

5 Fundraising Efforts in Support of Cause for the ‘Cuse

In 2013, employees came together to create Cause For The ‘Cuse: an internal non-profit organization to support the Syracuse City School District.

Since then, employees have volunteered their time and talents to raise more than $180,000 for the cause. This year we elevated our give-back goal thanks to 5 great fundraising events: 

  • Wine club
  • Golf tournament
  • Yoga
  • Ugly sweater party
  • Virtual holiday trivia

Read more about our community partnerships here.

6 Employment FAQs Candidates Need To Know

Employee FAQs graphic

If you follow us on social media, you’ve probably seen examples of our spectacular people and their Terakeet pride. But a common question we’re often asked is, ‘What’s it really like to work at Terakeet?’

We’re proud to discuss everything you need to know. From our culture to our employee-based programs and everything in between, read the post to learn more.

7 Marc Murray Award Recipients

Since 2015, Terakeet has celebrated former employee and colleague Marc Murray through the annual Marc Murray Award. Marc was an early and beloved member of our team who passed away in 2011 after having lived with leukemia for over 7 years. 

Each year, the award is given to an employee who best exemplifies our former colleague’s fighting spirit and since its inception, seven Terakeet employees have been recognized. 

To learn more about Marc, his legacy, and how Terakeet continues to honor his memory read about the award and our most recent winner here.

8 Key Benefits

Unity and collaboration are important components to making our company a great place to work. We help set our employees up for success in many different ways including our competitive benefits.

  • Flexible Hours
  • Remote-First Environment
  • Health Benefits
  • Paid Time Off
  • Retirement Planning
  • Health and Wellness Reimbursement
  • Competitive Pay
  • Home Office/Parking Stipend

9 Work Perks

So much of what we do is centered on community and building a team of people that do good work. We offer a few “work perks” that are favored by many. From corporate discount tickets to sponsored travel for remote employees, here are a few of our favorite things:

  • Corporate mentorship program
  • Corporate discounts
  • Home/Office Transportation Stipend
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Wine club with monthly deliveries
  • Terakeet branded swag
  • Fresh snacks and locally brewed coffee in the office
  • Dog-friendly office
  • Tickets to Events

Named 10th Best Large Company in NY

For the fifth consecutive year, Terakeet took the 10th spot for the best large company to work for in New York in 2022. 

Flexible work arrangements, mental and physical health support programs, and team-building events were just some of our programs recognized this year. Not to mention our culture of support, compassion, and inclusivity.

We’re so excited to be on this list and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!

11 reasons why digital marketing is important for brands and other important reads

Effective digital marketing is now non-negotiable for brands that want to be where their customers are. The customer journey is ever-evolving, and brands need to meet consumers in the moments that matter most.

At Terakeet, we want to help! Check out these 11 reasons why digital marketing is so important as well as other great reads and executives on our blog!

At Terakeet family comes first and we’re proud to offer 12 weeks of Fully paid family leave as well as other parenting benefits.

“Paid family leave was incredible. The team was really supportive and respectful of the boundaries we set and I was able to spend quality time with my son after his mom returned to work. I’m so grateful to Terakeet for offering this benefit so that I could be with my son and get to know him while he was still so small and new to the world.”

–Pat Lane, Marketing Manager