2021’s Marc Murray Award Recipient

Editor’s Note

Terakeet awards one employee the highly esteemed Marc Murray Award each year. After a nomination process, the award is given to the nominee who best exemplifies our colleague Marc Murray’s fighting spirit and tenacity. Marc was one of Terakeet’s earliest employees and a beloved member of the team. He passed away in 2011 after having lived with leukemia for over 7 years. 

Since 2015, Terakeet has also sponsored the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk in order to honor “Our Main Man Marc Murray,” as well as countless others who have died of blood cancer. On a typical year — following an in-office ceremony — our ‘Keeters join hundreds of other Light the Night walkers in downtown Syracuse, NY, holding either white, red, or yellow lanterns. White lanterns represent survivors, red lanterns represent supporters, and gold represents those walking in memory of loved ones lost to cancer. 

We are now excited to present the nominees and the recipient of the 2021 Marc Murray Award. Read below for details!

Terakeet employees show their support at the Syracuse Light the Night Walk by holding up red lanterns.

About the Marc Murray Award

Since 2015, Terakeet has celebrated former employee and colleague Marc Murray through the annual Marc Murray Award. Marc was one of Terakeet’s first employees, and many credit him for creating the compassionate and tenacious Terakeet culture that we know today. We wouldn’t be the Terakeet we are without Marc, and he continues to be a driving force in how we show up for one another, even when times are tough. 

To win the award, individuals must first be nominated by employees across the company. Terakeet employees are asked to vote for their colleagues based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates our five core values
  • Exhibits the “ultimate company person” spirit
  • Exhibits a “whatever-it-takes” attitude
  • Gracefully manages adversity
  • Exhibits traits of being genuine & optimistic

Out of the four nominees selected yearly, one is ultimately chosen for the Marc Murray Award through a company-wide vote. This year’s nominees were Dan Heil, Brett Butler, Jordan Arnold, and Carley Parsons.

Facts about this year’s award

  • 154 total votes were cast
  • 60 different people received votes
  • 12 people received four or more votes
  • 4 final nominees
Marc Murray (right) goofing off with Chief Delivery Officer Chris Loman

2021 Marc Murray Award Recipient

This year we’re proud to announce Carley Parsons as the winner of the 2021 Marc Murray Award!

Marc Murray Award Winner, Carley Parsons and CEO, Mac Cummings
Carley Parsons accepting the Marc Murray Award from CEO Mac Cummings

Carley is described by her coworkers as “an unstoppable force,” as well as a source of affirmation, support, and genuine empathy to so many at Terakeet. It’s no wonder why she’s been nominated for this award two years in a row. Here are some of the words ‘Keeters use to describe the “Queen of Content,” Carley:

  • No one kinder or more compassionate
  • Graceful under pressure
  • “Angelic presence” in all our lives
  • A shining light of positivity and kick-ass executioner
  • A genuinely great person
  • Combined empathy, grace, and dedication make Carley an exceptional force at TK
  • A true beacon for the team
  • Caring and calm during difficult times
  • Patient, humble, and extremely genuine
  • Ensures her team feels heard and supported
  • “The best manager I’ve had”

In response to winning the award, Carley shared the following thoughts:

“Beyond keeping Marc’s legacy an ever-present part of our working lives, what makes this award so meaningful is knowing it came from fellow coworkers, teammates, and friends. There is nothing we accomplish alone, and for me, there is no greater measure of success than the kind of community you cultivate and support around you.”

Other 2021 Marc Murray Award nominees

At Terakeet, there is no honor more prestigious than the Marc Murray Award. Just to be nominated is a great distinction in and of itself. It means that your colleagues and friends think you share the common thread of innate goodness that made us Marc special, and that continues to make Terakeet a great place to work. We’d like to that the following nominees for their continued commitment to uplifting others and furthering the TK culture we know and love.

Dan Heil

5th-time nominee Dan Heil has been a longtime TKer who is loved for his top-tier dad jokes and his ability to make everyone feel like they are an important part of the team. Here are some words ‘Keeters use to describe Dan:

  • Tackles obstacles head-on
  • Never too busy to say hi
  • Passionate, innovative, and an eternal optimist
  • Great mic skills, the face of CFTC, and mind of a million dad jokes
  • “The most genuine person I’ve ever met”
Dan Heil Marc Murray Headshot

Jordan Arnold

Rumor has it, Jordan Arnold has 27 hours in a day. There’s no other explanation for how she’s able to juggle it all. And, on top of being a pro-juggler, Jordan manages to make everyone feel important. She is beloved by her team and every ‘Keeter she interacts with. Here are some words ‘Keeters used to describe Jordan:

  • Her ability to speak as an expert but also as a human stands out
  • A consistent source of confidence, laughter, and support
  • Flexible, collaborative, and people-first approach to leadership
  • Does it all with grace and ease and a smile on their face
  • “I think Marc would be honored to have her name on his plaque”
Jordan Arnold Marc Murray Headshot

Brett Butler

Brett is beloved not only for his beard [not pictured below] and his incredible custom zoom backgrounds, but he is also loved for his willingness to always go above and beyond for his teammates. Here are some of the words ‘Keeters use to describe Brett:

  • Emotional intelligence and leadership
  • Offers a personal touch during a tough time
  • First person to come to mind when voting
  • Always calm and collected
  • Goes out of his way to make sure everything is done right
Brett Butler Marc Murray Headshot