Meet the Hiring Team: Content

Molly McGuane

Editor’s Note:

We know applying and interviewing for a new job can often be daunting and a little bit stressful. At Terakeet, we want candidates to know we’re here to ease that stress and make the interview process more comfortable, and even enjoyable. To do that we’re sharing insights and advice from senior members of our content hiring team.

Members of our hiring team are incredibly creative, motivated, and compassionate, and have years of experience building engaging content for global brands. Read on to learn their biggest tips for the application process and why they love working at Terakeet.

Meet the Content Hiring Team

Sierra Shafer, Associate Director of Content Strategy

“My name is Sierra Shafer and I have been at Terakeet since September 2021. I started out as a Content Strategy Manager and have grown into an Associate Director of Content Strategy role.”

Emily Kulkus, Digital Content Manager

Emily Kulkus Headshot

“I’ve worked at Terakeet for nearly a year. My background is primarily in journalism as I worked as a reporter and editor for a daily newspaper for nearly a decade.

I have also worked in content management, marketing, and public relations before joining Terakeet. I currently manage a team of 11 people at Terakeet and work with writers and editors on their craft.”

Carla Ayoub, Digital Content Manager

“Previously, I worked at Pfizer as a Content Manager, where I managed all of their content and microsites. From there, I worked at McKinsey as a Project Manager, in the Global Publishing Dept, where I worked with clients to help build out their websites and ensure the projects moved along smoothly.

Since November of 2021, I’ve been at Terakeet as a People Manager. Here, I manage 11 direct reports, assist with training, and head the culture department.”

Sarah Darby, Digital Content Manager

Sarah Francesconi headshot

“My name is Sarah Darby. I have been at Terakeet for almost three years. I started as a Digital Content Specialist in late 2019 and all the growth of the content department provided the opportunity for my own growth into the Content Manager role.”

What is one thing you want candidates to know about working at Terakeet?

“I want candidates to know that what you see is what you get with the Terakeet culture. A lot of places can talk about a great environment with progressive benefits on their website but not live up to the hype. At Terakeet, the environment and culture you read and hear about exceeds expectations!” 

–Sierra Shafer

“Flexibility is key to working here. This is a fast-paced, rapidly growing company that thrives on change and growth. If that kind of environment sounds exciting to you, this is the place!”

–Emily Kulkus

“Your voice is always heard and considered. Terakeet offers a lot of transparency, which most companies don’t always offer.” 

–Carla Ayoub

“Terakeet truly has the best people. Every day, I work with people who I feel genuinely care about me as a person.”

–Sarah Darby

What advice would you give someone who wants to grow their career in the content field?

“Be a sponge. There are so many smart people here doing cutting-edge, inspiring work. Get to know as many of them as you can. Soak up their knowledge and learn from their ways. It will help propel you at Terakeet and also build your base in this fascinating industry.”

–Emily Kulkus

“Always ask questions. Don’t be afraid of failure or looking silly. Try and find a mentor or a buddy who you can shadow and understand the account’s work and style.”

–Carla Ayoub

“My advice to someone who wants to grow their career would be to follow the growth. A growing company means growing opportunities. You want to place yourself in a position where you can grow with a company and make an awesome impact along the way.” 

–Sierra Shafer

“Whenever you find a problem, try to also propose your solution to that problem. Honing your problem-solving ability can help you to get involved in work responsibilities that help you grow.”

–Sarah Darby

What piece of advice do you have for someone interviewing at Terakeet?

“If you are applying to Terakeet, know why you want to join this company. Everyone is passionate about this place and we want to hear why you might be too.”

–Sierra Shafer

“Don’t hesitate to come with questions. We want you to feel like you have a really good sense of Terakeet and the role you applied for after the interview and love to answer your questions!”

–Sarah Darby

“I love details! Tell us about specific projects you’re proud of, interactions with colleagues when you learned a thing or two, what your passions are and what you’re looking for from us. The more we know about who you are as a person, the better chance we have at finding the perfect fit for you here.” 

–Emily Kulkus

“Ask questions that will help you better understand how our company works, what your day-to-day will look like, and anything you may be curious about!”

–Carla Ayoub

What would you say to someone considering applying to Terakeet?

“Apply! It’ll be the best move you make.” 

–Sierra Shafer

“Come talk to us! We’re always looking for talented, motivated individuals who are eager to work and ready to learn.” 

–Emily Kulkus

“It’s always worth applying to Terakeet, even if you don’t have formal marketing or SEO experience. We love a fresh perspective from our new people and we have robust training programs!”

–Sarah Darby

“Terakeet truly cares about each and every employee. Your voice is always heard and everyone is willing to help and guide you in any way necessary. It’s an incredible place to work and makes an effort to take care of its employees.”

–Carla Ayoub

For more information about applying to Terakeet and what the hiring process looks like, read our hiring FAQs.

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