A Day in the Life of a Tech SEO Lead

Molly McGuane

Editor’s Note:

Members of Terakeet’s Tech SEO department are integral in helping our internal teams and customers achieve success. Within the department, SEO leads are subject matter experts that spearhead impactful SEO strategies for our Fortune 1000 customers. SEO leads work directly with clients to effectively communicate website updates, and performance recommendations. They work closely with team members from a variety of disciplines to ensure account goals are met.

This week, we’re highlighting SEO Lead, Erin Noble, to learn more about what a day in the life looks like for her. Read on to learn how Erin stays connected with her team and why she loves working at Terakeet!

About Erin Noble: SEO Lead

SEO Lead, Erin Noble

I am an SEO Team Lead on one of our largest accounts. My primary role is to contribute to my client’s technical strategy. I work closely with account leadership as well as the analysts on my team to ensure we are working towards achieving our objectives and key results.

Prior to working at Terakeet, I was a Digital Marketing Manager at a full-service marketing agency in New York’s Capital Region. I began working at Terakeet in February 2021 and have been loving every minute of it! 

Some fun facts about me:

  • I have two dogs, Carly and Finn
  • I have an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree
  • My undergrad thesis was internationally published 
  • I grew up in Syracuse, NY, before moving to Albany, NY
  • I plan to go on a 4–6-month road trip next year while working remotely for Terakeet
  • I have one sister, Erica
Erin Noble's dogs
Erin’s dogs, Carly and Finn

Why do you like working at Terakeet?

The absolute best part about my job is the people I work with. I consider a lot of my coworkers to be friends and even though we work remotely we all have a strong relationship with one another.

Working with such large companies has also pushed my strategic boundaries in all the best possible ways. I have been able to come up with new ideas to reach goals that a year ago I might have not thought possible.

What’s your morning routine?

My mornings are pretty plain. I wake up and bring my dogs for a walk. If I am feeling motivated, I will try to work out. I try to log on early to get my work done. That way, I can pay full attention to my meetings throughout the day and not worry about other work I have to do.

Daily tasks for a Tech Lead

My team is constantly trying to think of fun ways to keep us connected. Every Monday we have a 30-minute meeting to just check-in and see how our week is going. Then later on in the week, we have a task review meeting to just make sure everyone is in sync. We also play mini games, send GIFs, as well as listen to a shared playlist every week. 

My favorite tasks are bouncing around strategy ideas. A lot of the time when we start working on a new initiative, we will get together and bounce around ideas on the best approach to reaching our goals. This serves as a time for us to be creative and come up with a strategy for the initiative to reach its goals. 

However, I also like digging into data. Completing a traffic or competitor analysis is one of the tasks I really like doing.

How do you collaborate with members of different departments?

I very regularly communicate with all the other delivery disciplines including content, outreach, and UX. In order to reach our objectives and key results, our strategy must be sound across all the delivery disciplines. We lean on each other for certain expertise to make sure we are considering all factors.

In order to improve our communication across delivery teams, I created a cross-team collaboration program. The goals of the program include learning more about other departments and their initiatives, generating new ideas that could be beneficial for the team, and creating valuable cross-disciplinary connections.

What tools do you use on a weekly basis?

  1. Semrush – For keyword research and topic ideation.
  2. Adobe Analytics – For traffic and lead tracking.
  3. Google Search Console – To monitor, maintain, and track data on client websites.
  4. ScreamingFrog – For monitoring on-page SEO issues and page speed audits.
  5. STAT – To track keyword rankings and customer success.

How do you achieve work-life balance?

Being able to work from home I have the perfect work-life balance. I am able to spend quality time with the people I care about while still being able to work and do a job I love. 

I try to remember to shut down my laptop all weekend long and remember that even though I work from home, I don’t have to work every time I am in the house. I can truly say, since joining Terakeet, I have never felt more balanced and happy working at a job.

I also love the flexibility of being able to work remotely. It gives me the freedom to travel and be with my dogs, family, and friends.

Erin Noble with her dog

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