Workplace Wisdom | Samantha Streitman

Molly McGuane

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Our growing team is filled with incredible individuals with years of successful professional experience. In our blog series, “Workplace Wisdom,” we love to highlight these talented professionals and learn their unique tricks of the trade. This week, we’re spotlighting Senior UX Designer Samantha Streitman. Read on to discover which tools Sam swears by and what famous designer she’d like to share ideas with over dinner.

What is your role and how long have you worked at Terakeet?

I am a Senior UX Designer and I have been at Terakeet since October of 2020.

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What advice would you give someone who is new to Syracuse or to Terakeet?

You are never done learning and you can always ask questions. Onboarding is a great time to learn about the business and about other disciplines in a company, but even after onboarding, continue to ask questions, meet new people and teams, and learn from others.

List a quote that has helped you get through a tough time.

“This to shall pass” is a quote that my mom has always shared with me during tough times. It’s helpful to create perspective. We shouldn’t take joyous moments for granted because they won’t last forever; we should take time to be present. In challenging moments, we should remember that pain, sadness, stress, etc. is also temporary.  

How do you unwind after a long workday/case of The Mondays?

I enjoy spending my time hiking, creating art, or relaxing outside with my dog. I also find running and yoga to be great ways to clear the mind after a long day!

Sam Streitman with her dog

If you could invite any famous businessperson or workplace guru to dinner, who would it be and why?

I’d love to have dinner with Walt Disney. I consider him to be one of the first UX Designers – he focused on innovation, creating joyful experiences, and always improving to make an experience better. I’d love to chat with him to see what he thinks of UX today and to learn about what inspired him to constantly push the boundaries of animation, filmmaking, and creative experiences.

If you could only use 5 workplace tools or platforms, what would they be and why?

Figma: I can do just about anything on it — from workshops and collaborating, to designing and prototyping.

Slack: It helps me stay connected to coworkers.

Toby Extension: The greatest organization tool for tabs!

Spotify: Music is necessary to get into the work zone.

A physical whiteboard: I love having a blank slate to write or draw on to help get ideas out quickly.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from a coworker?

If you pursue something you are passionate about, it won’t feel like work. A coworker at my first job shared this with me and encouraged me to be open to change, and find a career that I have a passion for rather than a job that makes sense based on money or what I studied in school. The advice led me to switch careers and become a UX Designer. There are many days that I am surprised I get paid to do something that I love.

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