TK Tips: 5 Best Jobs to Work Remotely

Editor’s Note

It’s been over a year since we went remote. In February of 2020, we could have never predicted that our entire office would empty and all of our teammates would be working remotely from home. Not only that, we’ve scaled tremendously in that time — growing by nearly 100 employees! Some of our employees have chosen to work from the office from time to time, but we are still very much a remote workforce in 2021. 
We have learned a lot over the past 18 months or so, and we decided to share what Terakeet thinks are the best jobs to work remotely and why! If any of these jobs interest you, you should check out our opens page to see if you’re a good fit for one of our remote positions.

1. Content and Editorial Roles 

Our Digital Content Specialists say that writing from home allows them the freedom to be creative, which is a win for TK and a win for our clients!

In a content role, flexibility and creativity are important attributes that can be hard to foster in a traditional office setting. Working remotely, I’m able to switch up my working environment to best suit the tasks I need to accomplish that day. For instance, when I have a day with a lot of meetings or need to wrap up a big task, I like to spend time in my craft room/makeshift office where it’s quiet so I can concentrate. (It’s also full of art and color so it helps keep my energy high.) When I have a day where I need to write or come up with new content ideas, I like to take my work outside or to a coffee shop where I can be inspired by nature or the conversations of people around me.

Aileen Manley, Content Manager

We have a wide variety of content roles at TK. Our content team is responsible for delivering high-quality, multi-faceted written content for our clients. Digital content roles require the ability to shift focus quickly between creative tasks and meetings. Remote work allows workers to do that by leveraging a comfortable, familiar environment with personalized tools to be successful and deliver on deadline.

2. SEO Roles

SEO roles are highly technical. So, SEO-focused TKers report that the quiet a home office provides allows them to focus on the important stuff: data!

Working as a Sr. SEO Analyst lends itself well to working remotely. I actually believe a lot of careers do too.  Being a search engine analyst in particular though because so much time is spent around analyzing data, strategy, and meeting with clients. Most people would think that lack of an in-person work experience might hinder some of the items mentioned, that has not been the case at in my experience. Certainly that can depend on the organization, but Terakeet really knows how to make it work. I feel just a connected with the team, and extended teams as I have in any work environment. I really appreciate the growth opportunity that a remote work environment affords me. I have been fortunate that in my career I’ve had plenty of career opportunities, but because of more traditional  items such as geographic location I have had to pass on opportunities because moving wasn’t feasible, nor desirable at a particular time in my life

Josh Hinds, Sr. SEO Analyst

Search engine optimization jobs are highly technical. SEO roles are great for remote work because they give the individual the ability to create a quiet environment to focus on data and to set themselves up for success. We have had several SEO employees work remotely before the pandemic, and the consensus among this group is that SEO work is a perfect fit for a remote environment. SEO work can also be very deadline-driven. Being able to deliver the best, most accurate results to our clients is a must. Remote work and flex scheduling like we have at Terakeet give SEO-focused roles the ability to create a schedule that allows them to optimize their prime, most focused hours of the day.

3. Account Manager Roles

Account Managers help ensure the success and happiness of their clients. Working remotely allows them to focus on client needs in a private, quiet space of their own.

A meeting heavy schedule is typical for the AM role so one benefit of being remote is being able to pop in and out of meetings without much disruption. I feel like a ninja at times. On the flip side, part of me loves being remote because when I am not in meetings I can just dive into my to do list with limited distractions.

Brittney Lee, Sr. Account Manager

The Account Manager is the main point of contact for the customer at Terakeet. They serve as the thought leader in aligning the internal strategy with a customer’s business goals and objectives, and they direct internal customer teams to execute campaigns for our customers. The Account Manager reports directly to the Executive Director of Account Management. Any job that requires implementing a successful strategy for large businesses also requires quiet, dedicated time throughout the day for focus and brainstorming. Remote work allows account managers to serve our clients in a focused, highly personalized environment.

4. Recruiting Roles

Recruiters review hundreds of applications a year. In addition to fielding calls and lots of emails, they also have the important task of deciding which candidates will be chosen for specific roles. Remote work is perfect for a busy recruiter who must balance all of these things!

Being a Senior Recruiter is a great role to be remote.  I’m able to be more productive and control my schedule to be efficient.  Prior to the pandemic, I was one who only worked remotely only when needed before coming to Tereakeet.

Joel Parker, Sr. Recruiter

Senior Recruiters are responsible for recruiting for various mid-tier and technical positions across the company, all year long. The Senior Recruiter reports directly to the Director of Talent Acquisition. They answer candidates’ questions, carefully review applications, and ultimately schedule interviews and send offers of employment to prospective candidates. These things can definitely be done in an office, but the privacy a home environment provides is enriching and personalized. In addition, grabbing a cup of coffee between interviews, playing with the dog for a minute or two, or just taking a moment to breathe have all been proven to improve productivity and employee happiness.

5. Marketing Roles

Marketing roles are highly creative. Working from home allows marketers to create spaces that generate that creativity.

We have different kinds of marketing roles here at Terakeet. We have digital outreach specialists who help our clients achieve high visibility of their web properties. We also have an internal marketing team that helps promote Terakeet’s services and value proposition. These roles are different, but they share a couple of things in common: the need to be creative and inspired. Creativity and inspiration can be hard to come by, even in the most gorgeous and visually appealing office buildings. When creatives can work from home, they can produce their own inspiring workspaces. Remote work gives them the freedom to decorate their offices and remove elements that don’t help them focus. These serene spaces allow our people to think and come up with big ideas!