We Are One of the Best Workplaces in the US, According to Fortune!

Maggie Farragher-Gnadt

Editor’s Note:

In the midst of a global pandemic, a reckoning for racial justice, and other challenges that have become front-and-center for many Americans in 2020, maintaining a high-trust work culture has never been more critical. Terakeet has faced a paradigm shift in recent months as it relates to the future of work, and have implemented a massive amount of change in just a short period of time. From shifting over to remote work to expanding on flexible working arrangements with part-time positions – with more announcements to come – our team’s ability to adapt and lead through times of crisis has been nothing short of extraordinary. 

It’s not enough to simply call ourselves a “great place to work.” We must constantly be striving to do better, through our commitments to ensuring equity in our hiring and business practices to soliciting honest feedback from employees at every level of the organization. Through these efforts, we will be able to remain connected to our community and the unique needs of our employees, even as Terakeet continues to grow. 

Accolades like this one from Great Place to Work® and Fortune are an incredibly powerful recruiting tool, but serve more as a benchmark for continuous improvement rather than an opportunity to stop and rest on our laurels. Our momentum thus far has been incredible, and we are excited to announce more progress on our stated objectives, carrying us into an even better 2021. 

Talk about Friday energy! We’ve been keeping it under wraps, but are beyond excited to be able to announce that Terakeet has been listed as one of the 100 Best Small/Medium Best Workplaces in the country. This ranking is a partnership between Great Place to Work® and Fortune. Earlier this summer, we landed in the top 5 in their list of Best Workplaces in New York State. This is the first time we’ve made a national Fortune list, so needless to say we’re thrilled! This morning, we found out that Terakeet took the 54th spot on this national list among 100 medium-sized companies.

This award means the world to us, because it is largely based upon feedback across all aspects of the employee experience, from compensation to interpersonal relationships to professional development. We’re honored that our employees consider us among the best companies in the United States to work for. That is an incredibly powerful recognition during this time of uncertainty. 

Going further, the ranking is based on confidential survey feedback representing more than 189,000 employees working at small- and medium-sized businesses in the United States. To stand out among so many distinguished employers on a national stage is a testament to the work our HR and recruiting teams have been putting in to improve our hiring and retention practices and preserve our unique culture, especially during the switch to remote work.

Lynn Fraas, Chief People Officer, said in a press release that “We are implementing specific programs geared towards increased flexibility for non-traditional career paths, as well as operationalizing a robust framework for diverse, inclusive and equitable hiring practices. We want Terakeet to be a workplace that supports all employees, regardless of who they are or what they do for the organization.”

Lynn’s leadership has been exemplary during this time, and we’re excited to report on all the things she and the rest of our crew have been up to. Stay tuned! 

terakeet named 54th best workplace in the us by fortune and great place to work

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