‘Keeters Sound Off: Writing Club

Editor’s Note

Slack has become a vital part of our culture here at Terakeet. We are so grateful to have an exciting and lively virtual community. We’ve talked about our love of Slack before, but as we grow our ranks, so too do we grow our Slack Channels! 

This week, we chatted virtually with the creator of the Writing_Club Slack channel and Content Manager, Rory Hyde. Writing Club is a small but mighty group of ‘Keeters from virtually every department. The channel acts as a peer-review portal for all of our fun, extracurricular writing projects. It’s also where ‘Keeters come up with fun prompts to get the group’s creative juices flowing.

Content Manager Rory Hyde is a great writer and an extensive traveler! Here she is on some gorgeous Alaskan ice!

Q1: What made you decide to start a slack channel dedicated to extracurricular writing?

My motivation was purely selfish: I wanted to read what other people were writing and benefit from their insight into my work. But most importantly I wanted to teach Americans how to spell “colour” (JK). 

To be fair, I only started the channel. Other people have done much more to keep it alive (shoutout to Rebecca Lloyd!). 

Q2: What’s your favorite thing about the channel? 

It’s nice to talk to like-minded people. The channel also makes me feel guilty for not writing enough, which is the kick I need. 

Q3: Are you working on any fun writing projects?

I’m working on a screenplay based on Slavic mythology. I’m also always writing trivia questions.