‘Keeters Sound Off: Summer Vacation Round 2

Editor’s Note

Well, summer has arrived and that means that many ‘Keeters are starting to take or plan (safe!) outdoor adventures. In fact, we featured a bunch of them in a Summer Vacation post a few weeks back. There were so many ‘Keeters taking fun vacations — we had to do a round 2!

While we are still primarily a remote workforce, some of our employees are beginning to (safely) return to the office, and they are beginning to return to a similar routine they had before the pandemic. This means people are starting to use their paid time off to travel and get some fresh perspective. We have ‘Keeters based all over the country, but we are all connected through our love of Terakeet and having a generous PTO benefit gives us the opportunity to share our adventures with one another.

We sat down virtually with a few ‘Keeters to talk about how they plan to use their PTO this summer. They were gracious enough to give us the scoop on some really exciting trips they’ll be taking. Read below to hear all about their summer vacations!

Q1: Have you used PTO to go on a spring/summer vacation or are you planning on using PTO to go on a spring/summer vacation? 

Stephanie Katz loves a good trip to Vermont!

SEO Analyst Stephanie Katz

Vermont is a very special place for me. Throughout my childhood, I found myself excited about nature strolls, swimming holes, and the country fair every summer. Ankles deep in a shallow creek, I used to sit on the side of a brook and daydream. As I got older, my relationship with nature and the state of Vermont only got stronger. Two weeks ago I visited the “Green Mountain State” after months of being away and enjoyed the most lovely 34-mile scenic bike ride on the Lamoille River Rail Trail, a sunny-day boat excursion on Lake Champlain, and a one-of-a-kind glassblowing class with a local artist studio in Stowe, Vermont. Plus, nothing compares to the homemade fruit pies from the secret backyard shack (if you know, you know)!

Corey Fuller hangs out near the Golden Gate Bridge (there is probably a “Fuller House” joke in here somewhere …)

Sr. Digital Outreach Specialist Corey Fuller:

One thing I’m so grateful for in regards to Terakeet’s emphasis on work/life balance is the comfort in using PTO. Earlier this summer, I was able to travel to sunny and beautiful San Francisco to visit some friends, enjoy the weather, and take a step back to relax. California has always been a special place for me in many ways. I was able to visit landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, and even stop in Oakland for a nighttime baseball game.

Caroline Withers doesn’t just love working with fellow ‘Keeters — she loves vacationing with them too! (Pictured from left to right: Sr. Digital Outreach Specialist Katie Heaton, Marketing Strategist Caroline Withers, and Team Lead, Sr. Digital Specialist Jocelyn Ravesi)

Marketing Strategist Caroline Withers:

Every summer, my family spends quite a bit of time in Thousand Island Park, NY. My dad’s side of the family was raised there, so it’s always been a special gathering place for us. I’m lucky enough to be able to work remotely there when I want, but I also usually take a week off once a summer to completely unplug and unwind. Whether we’re spending lazy days reading on the dock, biking to Wellesley Island State Park, or boating around the river, we try our best to enjoy the natural beauty of the area, and take advantage of the luck we have to be there.