Introducing Terakeet’s New Mission, Purpose, and Values

Gina Decicco

Editor’s Note: 

We’re thrilled to announce our new company mission, purpose, and values. These changes are based on our ever-evolving culture and were created following employee feedback, interviews, and leadership discussions. Read on to learn more about these exciting changes and what they mean for Terakeet and our customers. 

Terakeet is evolving within a new era of business and as it has, we’ve had a chance to reflect on the company’s purpose, mission, and core values. Our original five founding values will always be a part of our history, and we remain committed to the principles, including integrity and invention. 

But shifting perspectives of “work” culture, and our company’s growth in new directions, require that our codified beliefs evolve alongside us. Now, we’re excited to share our new mission, purpose, and values and how they reflect the advancement of our organization.

Mission & Purpose

Our Mission: We bring together brands and their audience

As we transition into a new stage as a company, we’ve found that our previous mission and purpose statements didn’t quite fit our new direction. So, we got to work building statements that better reflect who we are as a business and as a workforce today. 

At our core, Terakeet is about building meaningful connections, whether that’s demonstrated through our connections with each other, our customers, and community, or the relationships we help our customers build with their audiences.

“I get to be part of the connection with major brands and cultivate a widespread relationship with their following. It’s more than targeting an audience to share information with, it’s building a deeper level of relationships across all types of groups, forming a community in places that may be less likely to connect in other ways.

The coolest part of my job is the opportunity to take a variety of different people and bring them together through a common initiative. Each of our stories and walks of life brings a unique perspective to our unified mission and purpose which allows us to tie them together in a meaningful way.”

  Amber Verity, Manager

Terakeet Values

A while back, we shared how our five original core values shaped our company. However, as we’ve grown as a business and as a team, our guiding principles have also evolved, sparking the need to revisit the question, “What are Terakeet’s core values?” 

When faced with this question, it was important for us to step back and truly think about what we want to prioritize in this new era for our business and employment goals. 

Having a set of core values is an integral and foundational part of what makes our team successful. They provide a unifying set of ideals that can be tied back to everything we do as an organization. 

With this in mind, we built our new set of Terakeet core values: 






Each of these values plays an intrinsic role in how we interact day-to-day as employees and partners. Let’s dive a little deeper into each value, why we chose them, and how they’re reflected in what we do every day.

Teamwork: We believe in having each other’s backs

One of the most important aspects of our work environment is the focus we have on teamwork. At Terakeet, any given project pulls in the expertise of individuals from multiple departments and functions to work together toward a common goal. 

What makes this core value especially important is the inherent respect and collaboration involved in working as a team. No one person’s ideas are more important than another’s, regardless of their position. In fact, we believe our team’s different ideas and backgrounds are what make our work stronger.

This type of collaboration allows each employee to directly impact the work being done and yields rich, well-rounded results for our clients.

“I witness teamwork at Terakeet in so many different ways but the most remarkable is always when people of different (and sometimes competing) interests and goals come together. We have such diversity of thought and no one is shy in sharing a potentially better or faster way to do something. Across departments, seniority, company tenure, and more, Terakeeters are phenomenal team players.”

Ashley Timms, Content Manager

Grit: We believe our underdog mentality gives us an edge

Grit is defined as, “unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger.” Throughout Terakeet’s two decades in business, we’ve seen our fair share of difficult times. But those times do not define who we are. 

Instead, it’s been our ability to weather those storms and come out stronger together that revealed who we truly are as people and as an organization. Our continued courage and resolve, even in the face of hard times, demonstrate our commitment to our customers and each other. 

“When it comes to the people I manage, they aren’t afraid of ‘failure.’ They take every experience and learn from it so they can constantly get better at the work they do. This has empowered them to be innovative in their approaches to driving results for our customers, looking for new and better ways to meet their goals.”

Angela Skane, Content Manager

Excellence: We believe we have something to prove to ourselves and the world

Excellence is the beating heart of everything we do as an organization. From our customer interactions, to the efforts we put into creating world-class proprietary technology, the pursuit of excellence breathes life into our daily work. 

At Terakeet, excellence means more than just success. It means embracing each new opportunity with an open mind, seizing every chance for growth, and encouraging each other to do so in everything we do. 

Excellence is a building block of successful partnerships with our customers. It fosters trust and allows us to steam ahead toward a common goal. It’s exhibited through the relationships we build, the programs we develop, and the results we realize. As employees, Excellence is what drives all of us to be the best versions of ourselves. Because of Excellence, we’re accountable to each other, our collective growth as teammates, and our pursuit of performance for our customers.”

Kevin Clay, Sr. Project Manager 

Partnership: We believe transparency and accountability build trust

Our commitment to partnership is twofold. As employees and as a company, the ways we work with each other not only drive successful outcomes, but allow us to feel connected to the work we do and the people we’re doing it with. 

Additionally, the relationships we build with our customers play a vital role in our mutual success. We treat each customer relationship as a true partnership, leading with honesty, hard work, and collaboration. In doing so, we’re able to instill a deep connection and trust in each of our customers, and better drive meaningful business outcomes. 

“I believe the most valuable trait someone should have is Partnership. I read once that all human relationships are based on reciprocity: a give-and-take. And that give and take can only happen if you’re transparent, honest, and willing to listen to the other person. Everything you’re trying to accomplish in life or your career falls apart without partnership.”

– Amira Bennerson, Content Specialist

Impact: We believe data-driven insights unlock best-in-class user experience

At the end of the day, everything we do ties back to impact — the ways our actions impact each other, how our work impacts customer success, and the impact we, as individual employees, have on how Terakeet drives forward. 

Our success is built on creating informed, meaningful relationships with our customers that allow them to create important connections with their audience. Our ability to drive real-world impact with our data-driven strategies is crucial for our growth and that of our customers. 

Impact is the Core Value that allows us to move the needle both within and beyond the virtual walls of Terakeet. When we construct our foundation with data, we create meaningful and memorable stories which are confidently displayed through our models, products, and reporting. It’s our relentless pursuit here that keeps us on the path of relevancy and success.”

Chris Pasquarella, Business Intelligence Manager  

We’re so excited to continue executing our mission, purpose, and values and bringing them into the forefront of what we do each day. By focusing on teamwork, grit, excellence, partnership, and impact, we’re able to facilitate growth and success for our clients and employees alike.