Celebrating January Promotions

Caroline Withers Senior Marketing Strategist

Editor’s Note:

Terakeet is growing — an achievement that wouldn’t be possible without the commitment and innovation of our team. In order to continue growing together, we strive to recognize the impact of all our incredibly driven employees. Not only does this mean building programs for internal development, but also celebrating and promoting employees to new roles. Over the last year, several employees have across all our departments have experienced career growth; 11 were promoted this January alone! Today, we’re spotlighting those team members and asking what their path to growth has looked like. Read on for more!

As we grow, we work to ensure our team is built with and led by the best of the best. This means regularly looking internally to recognize hard work and celebrate talent. In 2022 so far, we’ve seen massive internal growth with the promotion of several TAs we grow, we work to ensure our team is built with and led by the best of the best. This means regularly recognizing and celebrating the hard work of our internal talent. So far in 2022, we’ve seen massive internal growth with the promotion of several Terakeet team members. In January alone, we promoted 11 employees! This figure is representative of many different departments, from Outreach to Tech, Account Management, and Sales.

Here is our full list of January promotions in 2022. We couldn’t be prouder of this group as they strive to help Terakeet grow with new perspectives and ideas.

  • Director of Business Development Ken Schiefer
  • Account Director Megan Coloccia
  • Senior Account Director Katie Romagno
  • Senior Account Director Beth King
  • Senior Account Manager Emma Zaremba
  • Senior Account Manager Merideth Rock
  • Sales Engineer Luke Waas
  • SEO Director Alexandra Kotula
  • SEO Director Daniel Scarpato
  • Digital Outreach Specialist Collin Higgins
  • Digital Outreach Specialist Joseph Diaz

We spoke with some of those who were recently promoted about their professional growth at Terakeet. Many attributed their growth to programs like the Terakeet Mentorship Program, regular career development conversations with managers, and internal meetings with team members, as well as the development of new personal and professional skills. Read below to learn what some of these team members think has helped them grow at Terakeet and how their career trajectories may have evolved from their original plans.

What has helped you grow at Terakeet?

“Terakeet has given me all of the necessary resources to take full advantage of the learning and growth opportunities that have come my way,” says Director of Business Development Ken Schiefer. “Knowing that I’ve been given a high level of trust and support has been key in my professional development and career.”

Ken was recently promoted from a senior account manager to director of business development where he more closely supports new sales growth and leads strategies to grow Terakeet’s annual revenue. He joined Terakeet in 2012 as a senior brand strategist.

Ken and Project Manager Gabriela Heintz visit a customer in Washington, DC.

How has your career grown at Terakeet?

“I’ve been able to grow my career in many avenues over the last five years — as a manager, a mentor, and as an account director leading our delivery team and program strategies, but also as a sales executive,” says Account Director Katie Romagno. “Our AM team is heavily focused on sales strategy and the growth of our customer’s revenue and depth of our customer engagements.” 

After four years at Terakeet, Katie grew from an account director to a senior account director which involves more mentorship and leadership within the Account team.

Is this trajectory what you expected for your career?

“With Terakeet being my first real job out of college, I never thought eight years later I’d be an SEO Director,” says SEO Director Allie Kotula, whose move from an SEO manager positioned her as a high-level strategic leader.

“I remember writing ‘search engine optimization’ in tiny letters on my hand in the interview so I didn’t forget! My eight years have consisted of working in a few different positions, but what stayed true through it all is that if you work hard, test the status quo from time to time, and consistently provide value to the people around you, your work will not go unnoticed.”

SEO Director Allie Kotula joined Terakeet in 2014 as a senior brand strategist.

Thanks again to our team as they continue to help us grow and develop as an organization. We’re incredibly proud of our employees and the impact they’ve had on Terakeet, and we look forward to sharing more good news in the coming months!