Terakeet is a Top 3 Best Place to Work in CNY!

Maggie Farragher-Gnadt

Editor’s Note:

One of our primary goals has historically been to attract top marketing talent to the Central New York region from all over the country. We’re proud to be able to contribute to economic growth in Syracuse and Central New York as a whole.

No matter how big we grow, our roots are here. We were beyond excited to share in the virtual awards ceremony alongside many other accomplished local employers. This event was organized by the Central New York Business Journal and streamed live on Youtube for all our coworkers, friends and families to enjoy. Read on to hear more about this award and our excitement for the future!

On Wednesday, our team attended a virtual awards ceremony where it was revealed that Terakeet had taken the 3rd spot among companies with 100 or more employees at this year’s virtual Best Places to Work awards ceremony. The award is presented by the Central New York Business Journal and its marketing partner BizEventz and honors Central New York’s employers that encourage, cultivate, and promote a great place to work. 

glass award from CNY Business Journal
Terakeet’s 2020 award from CNY Business Journal

Terakeet’s ranking was determined by tabulating the results of an employer questionnaire and employee engagement survey that included themes like corporate culture, role satisfaction, training, compensation, and peer/manager relationships. This survey was administered by Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS), a market research and healthcare consulting firm based in Baldwinsville, NY.

We’re beyond excited and humbled that the Business Journal — and our ‘Keeters — consider us among that list of employers! Last year, we took home the 6th spot, so we’re extra energized to know that operationalizing all the great feedback left by employees last year has improved our people strategy and helped the Terakeet culture grow for the better. 

We invited a bunch of ‘Keeters from all over the company to attend the virtual event, streamed live over YouTube. There was great representation from outreach, marketing, product, and HR — and our attendees also had the opportunity to share the event link and let peers and loved ones share in the moment with us. It was a lot of fun to interact with all the other nominees in real-time! Our team was able to leave comments in the live chat and congratulate everyone involved – and there was some great green screen action and interactivity that really made us forget the event was purely virtual. This year’s event also featured Arel Moodie as a returning keynote speaker. He was able to engage and energize attendees with an impactful speech on how organizations can be actionable and pivot in times of crisis.  

motivational speaker Arel Moodie standing against white background with red target
Arel Moodie giving the 2020 keynote

Chief People Officer, Lynn Fraas, also attended Wednesday’s event. She commented, “This award is significant because it recognizes and celebrates the ability of local employers to bring top talent to the Central New York area and cultivate a truly great workplace. It was an honor to attend this year’s virtual ceremony and celebrate our people and workplace culture as well as the accomplishments of our fellow nominees.” We couldn’t agree more, Lynn – and consider ourselves lucky to have your leadership and expertise as we continue to grow. 

terakeet award graphic, 3rd best place to work in CNY

We are so thankful to our ‘Keeters for being responsive with their feedback and, with their help, hope to continue to improve our workplace policies and practices and garner more accolades on a national, regional, and local level. 

Did we mention that the team is growing? Click around the rest of our site to see more of what we’re all about, or head on over to the openings page to find your career fit! We can’t wait to meet you.