Apprenticeship Check-in

Editor’s Note:

In 2020, Terakeet launched the Apprenticeship Program. Our first class of Digital Marketing and SEO Apprentices began working full-time at Terakeet in January of 2021. As the first quarter of the year is drawing to a close, we figured we would catch up with them to see what they have been up to these last few months. 

We are so grateful to our four apprentices for sitting down (virtually) with us to discuss what they’re learned, what they’ve loved about working at Terakeet, and where they are headed.

We were also fortunate enough to add a new apprentice to the program! Love Nicholson just joined Terakeet this week. Love is local to the Syracuse area and has developed experience in content creation, mentoring, photography, video production, and a range of other industries. Here are a few fun facts about Love: 

Favorite sports team?

Miami Heat

What is something you’ve done that no one would expect?

Traveled to Vienna Austria representing the USA while playing basketball.

What’s your favorite local spot (coffee, lunch, dinner)?

Midway Wings

Read below for the rest of the interview!

Q1: What drew you to Terakeet’s Apprenticeship Program? 

Briannah Seymore: I was looking for something out of my comfort zone that allowed me to grow not only in my career but as a creative individual. Terakeet exemplified just that. 

Anastasia Parks: The opportunity to grow in my career, and the community of terakeet. Terakeet promotes community, excellence, and growth.

Joey Diaz: I always wanted to learn more about marketing and SEO, and my mentor actually told me that Terakeet had an apprenticeship program and pushed me to apply. I had no idea I would have been considered.

Collin Higgins: I was looking for a career that was fulfilling and challenging. Learning SEO and marketing at Terakeet allows me to think creatively and analytically while in a supportive work environment.    

riannah Seymour
Briannah Seymour

Q2: What have you learned so far? 

Briannah Seymore: I’ve learned about the many different departments within TK and what my role is as a Digital Marketer & Seo Apprentice. I’ve also learned the different things that I’ll be doing within my role. Like outreach, identifying the different tones in writing, reclamation, batching, and sifting are just a few to name.

Anastasia Parks: SEO, search engine navigation tips, rapid response, and digital outreach basics. I feel that I have got a handle on my duties as a Digital Marketer and SEO Apprentice.

Joey Diaz: I’ve gained such a larger understanding of how proper marketing and organic results can help shoot someone’s search results to the top. I’ve learned how to use Chorus, find batch terms, [and I am] currently learning how to write these articles out. The entire culture of Terakeet is one of learning and advancement.

Collin Higgins: I have learned a lot about what a Digital Marketing Specialist does and how Terakeet uses SEO to help brands reach the right audience. I’ve learned about trends in marketing, the ways that Google’s algorithms rank pages, and many more interesting concepts too numerous to mention.

Anastasia Parks
Anastasia Parks

Q3: What’s your favorite thing about working at Terakeet so far? 

Briannah Seymore: My favorite things about Terakeet? There are so many amazing people that work here! Everyone is so willing to help you thrive not only in your job here at Terakeet but in your goals outside of work as well. Another thing that I love about Terakeet is that they are involved in the local community whether it’s giving to schools or providing an opportunity like this apprenticeship to someone who is inexperienced. The structure, the unity, and the sense of community here at Terakeet is unmatched.

Anastasia Parks: Definitely the people. I love being able to work with such talented and hardworking people. I also applaud our involvement in charity and efforts to help the community of Syracuse. 

Joey Diaz: My favorite part would probably be the culture, the employee morale building that’s constant and instilled within this company.

Collin Higgins: Terakeet is the most supportive work environment I have ever had the pleasure of being in. Even when working remotely everyone is connected and dedicated to helping you succeed. Questions are never more than a quick message away from being answered and frequent positive feedback really makes the whole job that much more rewarding.

Joey Diaz

Q4: What are you most looking forward to learning in the coming months at Terakeet?

Briannah Seymore: I am looking to gain more knowledge on SEO and Digital Marketing. I am also looking forward to learning things that I can apply in my everyday life as a future entrepreneur. Lastly, ways that I can grow within the company. Terakeet has kinda won me over!

Anastasia Parks: I’m interested in seeing how my personal growth and personal development go. I’d love to look back at my starting point and be able to say “wow, look at that progress.” I’m looking forward to applying the skills I’ve learned to my life and career as a young entrepreneur. 

Joey Diaz: I’m looking forward to becoming a part of this culture and becoming a catalyst for success within this company.

Collin Higgins:
I’m looking forward to continuing to refine my skills within the SEO and Digital Marketing landscape. I’m especially excited to start penning articles for websites and influencers, giving me a chance to polish my writing skills.  

Collin Higgins
Collin Higgins