Terakeet Celebrates Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month

Caroline Withers

Editor’s Note:

September 15 – October 15 is Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month. As part of our celebration, we connected with Sr. Digital Content Specialist Dani Marzouca and Sr. Digital Outreach Specialist Josephine Morron to hear about what this month means to them. Check out what they had to say below, followed by additional resources on how you can partake in honoring and celebrating the rich heritage of Latin Americans. 

Every year, Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month recognizes the achievements, stories, and different cultures of Latinx people. It offers an opportunity to celebrate the impact that people from Spanish-speaking cultures, and their communities, have made throughout history.

Falling between two months, Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month recognizes the independence days of several Latin American countries.

It is important to note that there is some debate around using the term “Hispanic” to describe this month. Critics believe the term buckets too wide an array of countries and communities that are independent and unique, or minimizes the impact and culture of pre-colonial civilizations. This is why we’ve decided to use both “Hispanic” and “Latinx”. We encourage you to spend some time this month learning the history of both terms and month (we provided some resources below to help get you started).

We also spoke with Sr. Digital Content Specialist Dani Marzouca and Sr. Digital Outreach Specialist Josephine Morron to learn about what this time means to them and the cultural traditions their families maintain!

What does Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month mean to you?

“For most of my life, my Puerto Rican culture was a private collection of intimate moments watching my mom cook arroz con frijoles, fighting my brothers for the pegao, and trading coquito recipes with cousins,” says Dani. “Hispanic Heritage Month shines a light on how other Latino families live. It reminds me how these seemingly private traditions connect us with each other, with what our ancestors passed down and the importance of keeping la cultura alive today.”

Dani smiles with their mother (left)

“Your heritage and culture gives you an understanding of where you come from and who you are,” says Josephine. “It’s important to celebrate and embrace your heritage because it’s what makes you, you. And, by celebrating, you are keeping your culture and ancestors alive, whether it be through storytelling or your favorite family dish, they all help the next generation understand a big aspect of their identity.”

How do you celebrate your heritage?

“When I’m home, I always make sure to have Colombian food as much as possible and listen to salsa music because those small acts help me feel more connected to my heritage,” says Josephine.

Ways to learn more:

Interested in learning more about Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month, but unsure of where to start? We’ve compiled a list of educational suggestions to help out! We hope you’ll join us in spending this time to learn more about the history, impact, and cultures of Latinx people.