Meet the Hiring Team: Strategic Outreach

Molly McGuane

Editor’s Note:

As part of the hiring process, candidates interested in roles within the outreach department will interview with one or more members of the department. In an effort to make the interview and hiring process less daunting, we’re sharing insights from senior members of our hiring team.

Members of our outreach hiring committee have years of department experience and are typically the managers and senior staff that you will be interacting with daily. Read on to see their perspective on applying to Terakeet and interviewing advice.

Meet the Strategic Outreach Hiring Team

Capri Tamilia, Associate Outreach Director

Capri Tamilia family

Capri Tamilia has been at Terakeet for 7 1/2 years. She started in outreach as a Digital Marketing Specialist and has worked her way up to Associate Outreach Director during her tenure.

Lauren MacBlane, Associate Outreach Director

Lauren MacBlane head shot

“I have been at Terakeet for 6 years. I started as a digital outreach specialist and have grown into the Associate Outreach Director position.

In my time here I have been given so many great opportunities to develop new skills and push myself outside of my comfort zone to grow into a leadership position.”

Lucy Vishneowski, Associate Outreach Director

“I have been at Terakeet for a little over 7 years now and have been in the outreach department throughout my entire Terakeet career.”

Maeve Wood, Associate Outreach Director

“I’ve worked at Terakeet for 5 years. I started in an entry-level position in the outreach department and eventually realized I wanted to work up to a management position.”

What is one thing you want candidates to know about working at Terakeet?

“Terakeet offers a supportive environment for anyone looking to grow or start in the industry.” 

– Capri Tamilia

“Terakeet is unique in that everyone I work with truly cares about me as a human being. I can count on my peers and manager to give me feedback to help me grow professionally, while also knowing they’re there to cheer me on in my personal life as well.”

– Maeve Wood

I would want candidates to know that Terakeet is filled with people who are always willing to offer their time to help you learn and grow.

– Lauren MacBlane

“When working at Terakeet, you will be surrounded by some of the most supportive, creative, and innovative individuals who have so much knowledge to share. You will without a doubt learn something new every day and always have an opportunity to grow.”

– Lucy Vishneowski

What advice would you give someone who wants to grow their career in the marketing field?

Group outreach meeting

“Push yourself to learn more about what happens outside of your day-to-day. It is essential that you get exposure to other people, positions, and departments to get a glimpse into what is happening around you. This helps you broaden your way of thinking, learning, and even exposes you to more interests that can all benefit you and help grow your career.” 

– Lauren MacBlane

“There is plenty of room for growth and those opportunities come with hard work and innovation.” 

– Capri Tamilia

Always ask questions and be willing to learn from others. The way to grow is by continuing to find things to improve on, even when you’re already doing the best you can in the role. If you’re meeting expectations, find out what the expectations of the role you want are and work toward those.

– Maeve Wood

“Take action. Be vocal, innovative, driven, and motivated to succeed in your role. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and share the little wins along the way with fellow employees. Being able to teach your successes is equally as important as achieving them.” 

– Lucy Vishneowski

What piece of advice do you have for someone interviewing at Terakeet?

“Don’t focus on things you think you should know. Focus on your personal experiences and what you do know! Authenticity is something that is a standout in any interview, so don’t worry about trying to fit into a perfect mold of the ‘perfect candidate.’”

– Lauren MacBlane

Be yourself, we want to get to know you and your work ethic!

– Capri Tamilia

“Don’t overthink it! Speak to your experience and how it can connect with the role you are applying for. Expressing your interest specifically to the position you are applying for is helpful as well.”

– Lucy Vishneowski

What would you say to someone considering applying to Terakeet?

Group working outside

“Don’t hesitate! Take a look at the website and see if there is a position that interests you and take the leap!” 

– Lauren MacBlane

“APPLY, you won’t regret it!”

– Capri Tamilia

Do it! If you want a career where you can be a part of a company that has big aspirations, goes above and beyond for their employees, and gives you the means to take your career into your own hands, then Terakeet is the place for you!

– Lucy Vishneowski

“Work ethic is the most important thing. You can learn the skills of the job from training and from your mentor but your drive can help you accomplish anything.”

– Maeve Wood

To learn more about what career opportunities are currently available, visit our openings page.