Jobs in Content Marketing: What to Expect at Terakeet

Caroline Withers

Editor’s Note:

A content marketer’s role should be more than just writing snappy paragraphs or editing grammar. At Terakeet, we know how important quality content is, and we continuously get to celebrate our content specialists, strategists, and managers for their latest customer impact. Read on to learn the ins and outs of how we approach the role at Terakeet, hear from the current content team and decide if you could fit in!

A computer + a notepad + some good lighting = stellar Terakeet content!

Whether you’re a recent grad or a seasoned professional, there are several opportunities these days for those looking for either in-person and remote content writing jobs. However, not all content jobs are created equal. Many are relegated to simple copy production and are far removed from customer results and success measurement. 

Terakeet’s content strategy is a key component of our impactful Enterprise SEO offering. Led by our experienced team and proprietary technology, the work our full-time content team produces helps customers capitalize on gaps in the search landscape, build trust in their brand, and maximize results throughout the marketing funnel.

As Sr. Director of Content Supriya Venkatesan says, “Team Content ensures the flawless development and execution of content that maximizes the commercial impact for our clients with a relentless focus on the end-user. Together we drive results using the oldest tool known to humankind: storytelling.”

Our Fortune 1000 clients span several industries, so the content team gets experience in diverse topic areas, including business, health, finance, and retail. This helps them stay current on digital marketing best practices and techniques for creating compelling and engaging web content.

Content Marketing Roles

So, what does this mean for our team members? There are several impactful roles in the Content Department, but each approaches content marketing in different ways. Read more below to learn what each role’s day-to-day entails and how current employees describe their work.

Content Specialist

Terakeet’s digital content specialists craft keyword-driven and authoritative content for various online outlets, such as blogs, websites, and social media, to support different customer deliverables. 

Content Specialist Molly McGuane says, “The role challenges me to combine my writing skills with strategic SEO thinking. Content specialists have a unique opportunity to directly impact our clients’ SEO strategy through writing and editing. I love the opportunity to work closely with coworkers in other disciplines to put together the best content possible. Members of Terakeet’s content department are intelligent, kind and work tirelessly to put together top-quality results. It’s fulfilling to create the best possible user experience for those visiting our clients’ websites.” 

Content Strategist

Our content strategists create SEO–focused content strategies and plans for customers in a variety of industries. These include, among other responsibilities, building specific projects like they build topical recommendations, developing article outlines, and performing content analyses like keyword research, competitor analysis, and content mapping. These insights help them identify content opportunities where they can optimize end-user content.

“My day-to-day is ever-changing, and I love that!” says Senior Content Strategist Ashley Previte. “Sometimes I’ve got my nose in a spreadsheet conducting or analyzing audits. Other times I’m thinking about my work from a 30,000-foot view. But I’m always focused on figuring out the most effective and efficient way to help our customers achieve their business goals through content.”

Terakeet’s content specialists and content strategists often work in tandem to ensure every published piece is part of a larger strategy and customer deliverables are as impactful as possible.

Copy Editor

Our digital copy editors vet all content to ensure it’s error-free, clear, high-quality, and on-brand for our various customers’ styles. They help our Content team not only write correctly but also write well, looking for opportunities to clarify, personalize, or adapt the tone of pieces.

“Being a Digital Copy Editor at Terakeet is much more than checking for the Oxford comma,” says Digital Copy Editor Liz McCaffery. “Every day, I’m talking to writers about writing, and we work together to create the best possible copy. It’s almost like nerding out has become a team sport, which makes it a dream job.”

Content Department Leadership

At Terakeet, we rely on our managers and leadership to not only measure and support department performance but also to empower individual employee development.

As McGuane says, “The leadership in Terakeet’s content department are intelligent, kind, and work tirelessly to put together top-quality results.” 

Each strategist, specialist, and editor reports to a digital content manager who’s responsible for training, coaching, and monitoring the daily performance of their teams against both personal and customer goals. These managers participate in individual monthly “career conversations” led by the employee to discuss professional development and biannual talent reviews to provide personalized feedback on production and performance.

Additionally, the department has ​​Associate Strategy Directors of Growth who partner with other Terakeet teams to oversee specific internal processes and ensure inter-department synchronization.

Finally, Senior Director of Content Supriya Venkatesan provides strategic leadership for the entire team, supporting cross-discipline integration and driving team development. “Terakeet is a very exciting organization that prioritizes its quality of service and strategic thinking, as well as its people,” said Venkatesan. “As a department, we’re constantly looking to find new ways to support our team’s growth and professional development.”

Remote job openings

Most roles in Terakeet’s content department can be either remote or in-person. As we build a workforce of the most talented people, we recognize that they may be local to the Syracuse area or across the country. 

If you choose to work remotely (which many of our employees do), we have a robust remote package to help ensure you have everything you need to succeed at work! 

Other roles involving content writing 

Outside of the content department, we have several roles that also involve content marketing, including the marketing strategist and digital marketing strategist roles. These roles, while not centrally focused on content production, lean heavily on creative and written skills to drive outcomes for different brands and audiences.

We are regularly looking for new members to join our content team and other content-related roles and become a driving force in our customer impact. Interested in joining? Check out our Openings page to find which role best fits you!