Humans of Terakeet: Bridget Rooney

Editor’s Note:

The Outreach Department here at Terakeet is one of our largest and hardest working departments. The ‘Keeters who make up this department are passionate individuals who provide real value to our customers and our organization every day of the week. Bridget Rooney (Team Lead) is one such amazing ‘Keeter, and we sat down with her this week (virtually) to talk about gardening, rating new flavors of seltzer water, and what it’s like training for a half marathon. We are so grateful to have Bridget on our team!

Q1: How did you come to work at Terakeet? What is your favorite part about working here?

Right out of college I jumped into a job at an advertising agency in New York City. After a couple of months I realized no one cared about me or my work. I was just another person showing up everyday. I didn’t feel fulfilled or well connected to my team.

A good friend of mine told me about Terakeet when she was actually still applying herself. Her interpretation of the company was that it was “Young, fun, and small but eager to grow.” and I thought, “Hey, sounds a lot like me … I mean what I’m looking for!” 

At the time, I didn’t live in Syracuse so I found myself driving three hours to make it to my interview. Right away I could tell it was a place I’d enjoy. Everyone was so welcoming, people smiled at you and held the door open with just a totally different vibe than what I had been used to. 

SEO is such a challenging and exciting sector of marketing, which is why my favorite part about working for Terakeet is that there’s always something new to learn and always someone new to teach! The ability to work with motivated people every day helps keep me fulfilled. Terakeet is the reason I now get to call CNY my home.

Bridget Rooney smiling in front of a gorgeous vista in upstate new york
Bridget Rooney living her best life in nature!

Q2: Tell us a little more about you outside of work! What’s one thing most people wouldn’t know about you? 

I live with my 2 best friends, so life outside of work is SO fun! I haven’t felt bored in about 3 years, we’re always finding something fun to do. Navigating the pandemic has obviously been very taxing on everyone in their own ways. They say hindsight is 20/20, but I’m really grateful I had my best friends there to support me! On the weekends we sometimes rate new seltzer variety packs on my instagram page and recommend certain ones! I’ve grown a bit of a following through it, haha (Okay that’s kind of a lie, but follow me bridget_irl – we’ll rate any pack someone asks us too)! Other than that, this summer I plan on catching a bunch of SYR Mets games and going on hikes!

When I’m not having a blast with my housemates I’m planning trips downstate to my parents house to see my family! I’m the youngest of 3 siblings and we’re all very close. This summer my dad is hoping for all of us to get together to catch a Mets game in the city and then head to the beach for a weekend — I’m looking forward to that!

Q3: What’s your current obsession? 

Gardening and yard maintenance! I recently just bought my first home! It’s a two-family property where I live in the upstairs unit and rent out the bottom unit. So, every weekend you can find me in the yard doing projects. Weeding, trimming bushes, planting flowers, mowing the lawn — it’s exhausting but FUN! I actually just bought some tiki torches, so you can say I’m really looking forward to hanging in my backyard this summer.

Q4: Choose a movie title for the story of your life.

Maybe something like “The Bigger Picture.” I used to be so focused on accomplishing one thing and moving on to something else almost immediately, but I’ve learned over the last few years there’s a lot of beauty in taking a step back and enjoying all the little things that shape someone’s life. Sure there’s a lot I want to do and accomplish in my life but every now and then I stop to remind myself that my big picture is to be happy and healthy and the rest will all fall into place. 

Q5: What’s the strangest/coolest thing that’s ever happened to you?

In high school, I was the varsity soccer goalie, (very hard to believe considering I stand at a tall, 5 feet 1 inch) and our team made it to regional playoffs. The game ended with sudden death penalty shots where 5 players from each team had an opportunity to score a goal by penalty shot. I saved 2 penalty kicks and I was also my team’s 5th shooter where I scored the winning goal. I remember scoring the goal and hearing the crowd scream all of a sudden the team dog-piled on top of me.

Q6: What would your desert island band/artist be, and why?

This is such a tough question! I took way too long to answer this, but I’m going with The Rolling Stones — If I was stuck on an island, I’d probably want to listen to a band that has a large catalog of music and the Stones are that band. Whatever mood I’m in, they will have a song to match it. If I wanna dance on the beach and play air guitar or sit under my shelter and just cry from loneliness, they’ll have a song for either one. 

Q7: What is one thing you’ve tried recently that has helped you stay calm and focused?

I’ve always loved to exercise! Running and walking are great ways to take some time for myself and help me unwind and relax. When the pandemic closed down gyms, I took a break from lifting and decided to focus on cardio to stay motivated. While I love the feeling of finishing a nice run, walking has definitely become a form of relaxation for me. I’m always looking for new trails to explore in the Syracuse or CNY area.

Most recently I started training for a half marathon. My only goal for this race is to complete it, ever since I’ve switched my mentality to that, I’ve been enjoying my runs a lot more.