BIPOC ERG: Leadership Spotlight

Caroline Withers Senior Marketing Strategist

Editor’s Note:

We’ve recently established two employee resource groups (ERGs) that aid our team in becoming more inclusive, equitable, and supportive! Our BIPOC and LGBTQIATS+ ERGs provide affinity spaces and safe places for all employees who identify within these groups to engage with and advocate for each other. 

Both groups are led by team members who are elected by their respective affinity group. Today, we’re spotlighting the BIPOC ERG leadership team and asking them to share their hopes for the group, which include helping Terakeet become a more inclusive and supportive workforce. Read below for their thoughts!

In recent months, Terakeet has formalized two employee resource groups (ERGs), the BIPOC and LGBTQIATS+ ERGs, aimed at supporting all employees regardless of their race, background, sexuality, or gender. These groups will also assist Terakeet as we strive to become a more inclusive and equitable organization. We’ll be spotlighting both ERGs and their leadership teams to share the groups’ goals and some of the amazing work they have already begun.

Our BIPOC ERG is diverse, inclusive, respectful, and responsive to the intersectionality of its members. What started out as a Slack channel has evolved into a formalized safe space for employees who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color. Members of the group are encouraged to explore and unpack their experiences within Terakeet, advocate for change, and engage in conversations that promote cultural sensitivity and inclusion at work.

Whether it’s having intentional conversations with Terakeet’s executive leadership about current issues or participating in opportunities for social/civic awareness and professional development, our ERGs are already creating change for Terakeet’s workforce.

“My hope for this group is that it becomes a place where people of color can feel comfortable and supported personally and professionally,” says Danelle Sims, BIPOC ERG Secretary.

Sr. Digital Outreach Specialist Danelle Sims is also the secretary of our BIPOC ERG

Recently, the group hosted several company-wide Black History Month events, including Black history and culture trivia sessions during our weekly Circle-Up meeting. Winners of these trivia sessions later received a gift card to a Black-owned business. The group also hosted voluntary watch parties which shaped vulnerable, enlightening, and important conversations about topics such as Black art, cultural appropriation, and online bias. Additionally, members of the group created a 100 Sounds of Blackness playlist to celebrate Black musical artists and cultural influencers.

“My hope for the BIPOC ERG is for every employee at Terakeet to feel seen, heard, and valued regardless of their race,” says Andi Hubbard, Vice President of the BIPOC ERG. “I would love to see this group start to make career advancement and fulfillment more attainable for people who are normally denied those opportunities.”

Sr. Digital Outreach Specialist Andi Hubbard also serves as the BIPOC ERG vice president

President of the BIPOC ERG Saj Hoffman-Hussain echoes her points, describing his goal for the group: “My hope as BIPOC Lead is to continue to encourage Terakeet to move towards true inclusion, living our values and allowing Black, Indigenous and People of Color to not only arrive but thrive at Terakeet, at all levels of the organization,” he says.

Digital Content Strategy Manager Saj Hoffman-Hussain is the president of the BIPOC ERG.

We couldn’t be prouder of our team for their work in organizing and leading the group and supporting Terakeet in becoming a more equitable organization! We look forward to sharing more updates on the positive impact the group drives in the future.